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  1. melmo382

    What Kisaki did to you? 😮 I met him many times, and he is the kindest person I ever met. Very selfless, very generous, very sweet.
  2. melmo382

    I don't know about others but I'm from Europe so I think mostly about Europe, as I don't know jrock community situation on other continents. Would love to bring a band to Middle East. But I need to find local promotors. Same case as with Europe. I'm bringing an artist to Europe, and I'm looking for a partners in other countries. Or at least people who could help with promotion in local jrock fandom. I have not time to personaly organize a concert in each country
  3. melmo382

    I see, thank you, I used to know a person with such name.
  4. melmo382

  5. melmo382

    Thank you for replies! Is Suuu a Belgian guy of Maroccan ancestry?
  6. melmo382

    I've been mostly away from jrock community for a last few years so I lost a contact with everyone. Everything changed so much :/ Now I'm back to make a tour for a certain japanese musician in 2018. I'm looking for promotors in Europe, mostly in France, Germany and Scandinavia, but generaly every European country is fine. Can anyone suggest me any promotor I can contact? Please?
  7. Hello, wanted to message you regarding Yuki Sakurai possible concert in Paris, but couldnt. Message me if you are interested in this topic. Thank you.

  8. melmo382

    Pity. Hopefully Yuga won't dissapear from the music scene again :/
  9. He's only 35 years old. Great news, I'm following everything he do.
  10. I think you mean male doll in same size as Ken doll, since Ken is licensed product of Mattel.
  11. First of all, it's not Barbie but a fashion doll in similar size to Barbie. Barbie is licensed product of Mattel. This doll, Lammily was produced only because people donated money for it. More than 3000 dolls were sold, so clearly people want this doll to exist. I was one of those people who donated, bought 3 of them, and can't wait to receive them. I'm a doll collector, so I'm happy that such doll as Lammily was created. Hopefully there will be more to come - shorter and taller, slimmer and fatter , bald and hairy dolls, in both genders and all races. I love Barbies, but I want to have possibility to buy dolls with different body sizes too. This acne, scars and cellulite are just a stickers, sold separatelly. Again, for me, a doll collector who is making photostories its a great it, it's just pity those stickers looks so unrealistic.
  12. As a woman I have exactly opposite opinion about that. Lets agree to disagree in this subject Exactly, it's Madeth Gray'll topic, and not about abortion .
  13. Can't see anything provoking in this lyric ^^;;;; Obviously I understand that musicians are very ofter writing about different subjects, not always up to their own beliefs. As for Japanse view on abortion - I heard about that, been there many times, also ex grilfriend (japanese woman living in Japan) of my sisters ex boyfriend (japanese man living in Japan) had an abortion in 6 month of pragnancy, let's say that this guy wasn't very happy about that. He said that such stupidity is common in Japan, and while many men are against it, many women are still doing it. Well, same shit as everywhere I guess. As for Deg - I love the lyrics for Mazohyst of Decadence
  14. I like this how is Hisui anti abortionist Inteligent man! Thank you for translation!
  15. melmo382

    Thank you for translation
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