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    If you are talking about my last post, I was not being mean, I posted facts and explained why their statement was wrong. There are several other incorrect things they have stated in this thread but I wasn't going to quote and discredit every single one because that would seem targetted. At the same time, when one person is continually stating things as fact that are wrong, continually correcting them (with source) is not picking on them, it's just correcting misinformation. If they stated "I think, but I'm not sure" it wouldn't be the same. If someone is going to state that a band definitely released something you know they didn't and even make fun of you for "not knowing about it" I don't see the harm in pointing out that it didn't happen. Again, didn't want others wasting their time looking for something that doesn't exist. The only post I made that could be considered mean was my first post and I deleted it a few hours after posting it because I saw it didn't help and that they weren't going to change their behavior. The only reason it lives on is because zero quoted the entire thing; I can't delete that- they are free to do so if they want. I'm sorry you found my post mean. Hopefully someone found it helpful.
  2. Tinseldistress

    First of all, I am not an "angry fan" but whatever. I have no issue with you thinking you know everything about the band because you send one-sided DMs to Retsu. Be my guest. I was just trying to correct you because you say wrong stuff and then people may believe it and be disappointed when they find out it's wrong. Like you thinking Retsu is currently in New York signing a record deal. /facepalm So, the issue here is, I'm not sure if you know....Wikipedia is not an encyclopedia, it is not taken as fact. It often has errors because it is written and edited by regular people. I humored you and I went and looked at this mythical re-release of Various that was never announced, AFTER the band decided to wipe their Youtube of any trace of its PVs. Wikipedia does state there was a re-release of the album with all tracks on Dimer, however when you go to the archived version of the Dimer link they cite, https://web.archive.org/web/20200726190344/https://dimer-tokyo.com/items/5e86add62a9a4236a3ca1f4d , you can clearly see the track list for the album that was listed is the same track list as the live limited release, NOT some re-release with "all the tracks" as stated in the same Wikipedia article. It's not even the track list for either of the versions that were for sale regularly, but the live limited version (aka NOT a re-release). My guess is that either they listed it by mistake and took it down, or had a few copies leftover they wanted to clear and took down the link as soon as they sold. AS I SAID, this album has never been re-released. It's fine to be wrong but to be this hard-headed is just UGH. I stand by my statement, you are wrong about everything. It's not a personal attack. ETA: I went ahead and made a friggin Wiki account to delete the inaccurate and misleading info about a re-release. You are welcome.
  3. Tinseldistress

    Please stop saying stuff like this like you have any idea what you are talking about. You assume so much and you are always, and I do mean always, wrong. If you want Various, find it on second hand sites.
  4. Tinseldistress

    I'll go back to lurking only if you join me in doing so and let everyone else talk in peace. Whadda say? As for my post, you definitely read it, or at least skimmed it and as you do with every single logical post you can't argue, you chose to ignore it. That's totally fine, if you want me to TL;DR it for you it's pretty simple: you peddle a shit ton of incorrect info about the band when it's not your place to talk about them as though you know anything, you seem like a crazy fanatical thirsty chick who thinks she's having a weird subliminal relationship with Retsu through his Insta stories while Retsu is probably laughing his ass off at all your obsessive DMs and if you actually like the band, you would stop posting because you are making them look terrible. A band is mirrored by their fans and when there's a couple of unhinged crazies in the mix it seriously affects a band's image. If you JUST like the music there is no point boasting about your one-sided DMs and constantly white knighting them on here. If you "don't care" what people on here think then why even be on here at all? Just go listen to their music and stay off the forums then. ETA: Also yes the post was longer than I realized but I've been getting annoyed at every single one of your posts for a month and STFU this whole time hoping you'd stop on your own so I'm sorry it all came out at once.
  5. Tinseldistress

    This post served its purpose so I will let it expire.
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