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  1. of all interviews by vkgy and jrocknroll which ones are your favorites?



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    2. BrenGun


      Yes that was a good one. was enjoying to read. but that's also because they took time to answer each question with good details. Some bands could learn from it😁

    3. chemicalpictures


      Nurié for sure as they're one of my faves, but the Nagasawa Tomonori one was super cool, I'd love to see more of the people behind the scenes, band/livehouse managers, people on classic labels and so on

    4. BrenGun


      Those people are hard to interview. I tried Ikebukuro Chop but after all they were to busy to answer the interview 😅


      Someday I might try Kisaki or Speed ID Euro.

      Hope they will make some time free. 


      I could try king zeebra.... they own Nanba Mele 

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