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  1. When the vocalist of one of JAPANS biggest ojisan ROCK BANDS said, that an interview is alright!


    They were really popular end 80ties early 90ties. disbanded came back, went on break again and now they are back again. 


    Their last gigs were good visited, many people came to watch them, I believe the gigs were sold out or almost sold out. 

    I keep the name secret until I received the questions back, but hopefully we can look forward to it (^_^)v

    Hopefully this interview will also help to interview more visual kei bands ^_^

    1. Peace Heavy mk II
    2. BrenGun


      Morrie is kinda visual kei isn't?? 


      However, I do think that Morrie knows them. 



      But with biggest I mean in the time they were active. kinda between 1989 and 1997

      Nowadays they are more "known" than "popular"  because of their long activity break.  


      anyway, checked Morrie(&crea &dead), but he seems to play nowadays also in halls with capacity of only 200-300 people.



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