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  1. Demivee, platy, sleepy coffee and 3 others reacted to this


    lovely those reactions XD


    1. sleepy coffee

      sleepy coffee

      Best reply on that thread yet tbh

    2. BrenGun


      Thank you!
      Maybe someday i will see DIMLIM live.. don't know.




      However next time I go to Tokyo I hope to see this band. lol.
      Actually the vocalist of this band is also a kind of "well known" person. But people forgot about him.
      Also ex- Calmando Qual Kenka is playing bass in this band. 

      I saw them once LIVE and it's simply amazing seeing them.

      But... I must say it's thanks to Kenka.
      Kenka is actually one of the best bassist I ever met and saw lol.



    3. The Moon

      The Moon

      i have an infection x 

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