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  1. Visual Kei New Fashion disband Next Project  Band 🤣

  2. Happy  Halloween 🎃 !

  3. 7Days for Halloween 🎃

  4. When oshare kei band disband become Metal 👿🤘🔥

    1. anadentone


      oooh whose the band? :o 

  5. 17 days for Halloween  🎃

  6. I Hate Monday !

    ( Who with me ) 

  7. When you see garbage you no have idea to buy it 🤔 Halloween coming soon 🎃


  8. Are not I feel like Monochrome Heaven not the same... 

    1. Zeus


      What do you mean?

    2. DESTINYGUY0316


      Very different  this year @Zeus

  9. I hope everyone  have good day or night and afternoon. 


  10. When you hate someone . You can't tell him on Face 👿

  11. COVID-19 no joke all people think is funny. 

    Why so ignorant and

    Idiot the people's this days 

    1. sixblacknine


      cuz theyre edgy 12 year old 

    2. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      People's ignorance has no limit unfortunately... 😔

    3. Shadowtear
  12. My question is why you thieve link from MH post your blogspot.

    You no read is not your post.

    You no allow to post your blogspot 

  13. Be careful guys from around of World 


    This virus no joke 


    Take care yourself have good day ,good night , good evening ,good morning. 

  14. Fuck Everything Coronavirus New Jersey WTF 🇺🇸 I HOPE FOUND CURE . 

  15. Damn the new look DADAROMA is disaster....  west or country music v系 

    1. suji


      i love country music vk

  16. Saturday for watching Anime all day or night!

    (No dub anime censored 🤢🤮 childish voice 🤡🤣 dub hater number one 🙌😎🔥

    Original work always is better 😎👌

    anime dub 🚮 

  17. don't be asshole celebrate Valentine Day only one day (Love every day no only one fucking day )

    1. suji


      preach ❤️

  18. When you see asshole all day you can't do it nothing that day ( feel like you want punch on the face )

  19. When you see ignorant fighting 🤔

  20. Make My Day So Easy ! 

  21. New year cheap kei ( shit kei ) 

  22. My bless from Philippines Asians people's  hope everyone is safe 

  23. very early this morning 5: am 🇺🇸

    go for eat Dunkin donuts 😴😅 I need coffee for wake up my mind's 

  24. why people think you are first person listen the band 

    (Poser think like that ) sarcastic

    1. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      Had that feeling... as if you listen to something too much enigmatic for their tiny ears... let them go! 🤣

  25. You see old school visual kei band back to stage for make oshare kei music come on men stay in home no make shit ( is joke ok ) nothing personal 


    Good Morning  🇺🇲

    1. BrenGun


      well I agree with it...


      old men, making oshare kei...


      no please 



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