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  1. I guess this is my last Day here so Its Good Bye again I'll Be moving to another Forum for a moment ^^

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    2. Gaz



    3. bonsaijodelfisch


      MH won't be the same without all the goodbye-posts :(

    4. stylelover


      you are so annoying. bye.

  2. Kazuya Tanizawa

  3. Kazuya Tanizawa

    Ban the person above me cause its been a while since i haven't ban a person
  4. Kazuya Tanizawa

    Freesia is a Killer Dx
  5. Kazuya Tanizawa

  6. Kazuya Tanizawa

  7. Kazuya Tanizawa

    @Suzaku: i'm back & Darn it. You Got me first giving the contenders this time i was supposed to give the list of contenders when i was about to return oh well NVM but fine lets play then ^^ @topic:Triple Hurt MEJIBRAY Nightmare - 10 Royz - 10 Lustknot - 10 Crazy shampoo - 10 The GazettE - 10 [_Vani;lla] - 10 LANDZ - 10 Lycaon - 10 Capella - 10 SPYAIR - 10 MEJIBRAY - 7 Diaura - 10 Dir en grey - 10 Kagrra, - 10
  8. Kazuya Tanizawa

    8 how sad mh has so many member but sad to say there are only a few of us using the games/spam & lastly to say Hppy b-day to me
  9. Kazuya Tanizawa

    Mines Kazuya Tanizawa Haz then here's my last Kazu x Haz although Their All pretty lame DX
  10. Kazuya Tanizawa

    Hi, guys! I'd Like To ask a Few Questions here if anyone knows about the SPAM Prevention System Since from now, there are new members often and the post count is increasing, some users might spam or post some kinds of nonsense in thread. So, right now, we're going to have a SPAM Prevention System to avoid SPAM posts in future if its possible. Also those who will be seen with the intention of spamming to increase their post, doing stuffs like posting in every thread in a section with nonsense posts, or saying "thank you" in every thread even though there is already a thanks button available. We will be deleting all posts that was done and give proper punishment. So here is how it will go.... If one of the staffs see a spam considered post like this one for example (click spoiler)...
  11. Kazuya Tanizawa

    Triple Hurt MEJIBRAY Diaura - 7 Vistlip - 8 D'EspairsRay - 6 MEJIBRAY - 9 LUNA SEA - 8 X-Japan - 10 MUCC - 7 MERRY - 5
  12. Kazuya Tanizawa

    9 of course Not Because a Retured mod is a Retired mod
  13. Kazuya Tanizawa

    Destroy REALies Diaura - 6 Vistlip - 8 D'EspairsRay - 8 REALies - 0 MEJIBRAY - 12 LUNA SEA - 8 X-Japan - 10 MUCC - 7 MERRY - 5
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