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  1. bonsaijodelfisch

    that sounds nasty
  2. bonsaijodelfisch

    so this is an australian band, very much in the sound-waters of Incubus and soundgarden with some modern influences a la karnivool. they're pretty kewl Bandcamp - pay what you want https://hedancedivy.bandcamp.com/releases
  3. bonsaijodelfisch

    Can I please have a new numbered Monster Hunter for the switch? I would buy the system for that alone (and when i already have it, i certainly wouldn't say no to the new xenoblade and zelda )
  4. bonsaijodelfisch

    okay, no idea how soundcloud code works here these days but i made a new thing. obvious influence is obvious, whoever likes novembers, the piqniq, klan aileen etc. migh find this somewhat enjoyable^^ oh, so this is how soundcloud works :P, got it...
  5. bonsaijodelfisch

    2016 just constantly has to remind us how shitty it was. goddammit what a loss, such a unique band
  6. couldn't be more down with this new worldendgirlfriend albumtrailer


  7. well, f**k me, that new illion song/PV is breathtaking!

  8. bonsaijodelfisch

  9. bonsaijodelfisch

    I think you got this the wrong way round. Your justice system and your religion are messed up, if you can incriminate, arrest and imprison people for swiping over 10x5 cm touchscreens. Honestly capturing a poliwag is probably one of the least harmful things happening in church ...
  10. bonsaijodelfisch

    loving these lists. with studying days over it has become considerably more difficult to roam the internets for new music to discover, so these lists are a great help. Also i would have NOT expected to ever get into a new VK band again. Good job "Develop One's Faculties"!! very nice surprise. vocalist reminds me a bit of god and death stars. EDIT: also, sweet jesus, need to get my hands on some of that Club Fujin goodness... (and yes, as i wrote already someplace else, that aimer+TK is probably one of the greatest songs to be written/performed/recorded in the last 5-10 years, i'm not even joking)
  11. bonsaijodelfisch

    finished bravely default. nice game, story and characters are a bit flat tho (sometimes borderline annoyingly so)
  12. bonsaijodelfisch

    in this special case, they also shared it as a facebook-video, which isn't blocked. in general either proxies, or just downloading them via some yt-downloader usually works.
  13. bonsaijodelfisch

    just adding my two cents on berserk having just watched the second episode. i never read the manga, but i love the original anime to pieces and still kinda enjoy the movie adaptions of the same material. Personally like most I don't like the look of the animation in general, has a bit of a "Cheap PS3 Game" feel to it, but at the same time i'm rarely really bothered by looks per se. Charakter design is much more important, and thats pretty nice so far, and given it's all in the manga anyways, I'm confident it'll stay that way. On the plus side, this complete dedication to 3D-animation enables them to make some disgustingly cool battle-scenes, Camera movement in particular. some of these perspectives and camera-swipes are just delicious. best thing however so far is all the rest. they manage to set up a very distinct athmosphere with the look, sound design and music., really love the musical choices here. (wasn't sure about the nu-metal stuff for guts in the beginning, but it works pretty well. all the underscoring music in the other scenes is top notch, safe for that weird chant during the flashback in ep1). Also i think the pacing and editing in the anime has been pretty flawless so far. tons of surprise or suspense moments in these two episodes. Also I'm very much interested in the religious aspect of the berserk universe, that I don't think they touched on much in the golden arc, but which seems to be pretty important in this one so far. only thing that might turn out problematic for me, as it was already problematic in the original anime and even worse in the movie, is berserks handling of female characters. little not that important and probably already done to bits rant in spoiler with the second episode now already having a woman strapped onto guts's lap and horse, tits hanging out and all I fear this season falling into a similar trap. At least that scene so far still makes somehow narrative sense, but i hope they don't overdo it. That however depends on the source material anyways I guess. So overall fairly optimistic, slightly sceptic, but could turn out great. Also most ppl i spoke to that read the manga said all the other arcs are fairly meh compared to the golden arc, so this season is deemed to have a problem in terms of source material. how do manga-readers here see that? Also watched first ep. of 91days today. seems quite nice so far, great opening scenes
  14. agreeing with the general notion on aimer. just want to throw in, that her kanno yoko collab and this TK collab are in my opinion probably the two best single pieces of music of the last 5-10 years. Not as in jrock, pop, japanese or else. music, full stop. It's almost annoying how perfect these tracks are. EDIT: sorry for derailing a bit, however back to topic: yes, a whole TK/Aimer album would be something i would consider donating internal organs and/or limbs for if necessary.
  15. Aimer + TK... oh wow, this is breathtaking!

    1. CAT5


      It's so fucking perfect.

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