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  1. sads123

    So Ao held a poll on twitter for his followers to choose between "ただいま。" and "ママが僕をすててパパが僕をおかした日" to remake and distribute for free to all attendees of the 11th Feb 2021 gig and "ママが僕をすててパパが僕をおかした日" won by an overwhelmingly huge margin.
  2. sads123

    No elaboration on why its cited as a 'special cut' but its available to anyone with a credit card!
  3. sads123

    If me, I'll go for 1st session, since they are broadcasting the 2nd session. Yeah, I took some time to finally figure out the ins and outs of the options haha. I'll most probably get all the guest passes and spacy guitar options available via twitcasting, since they are priced so economically (shuuji, I'm looking at you 🙄). My only concern is that the download code is tied with the more expensive (and less accessible) e+ streaming on the final date zzzzz
  4. sads123

    I know what YOU are getting~ But ouch, that price! Must be shuuji's idea. This article: http://vif-music.com/2020/08/26/caligari-41/ mentions a download code for a song will be given out for concert attendees (both physical and online) as well.
  5. sads123

    Their download card releases has been consistently 160kbps or 192kbps so don't get your hopes up! Get the 狂信盤 version of the 回想、睡蓮と向日葵 DVD if you can; the 4th documentary disc is worth it. Though it comes with a useless 2nd disc of the same 11 songs out of the 24 songs seen on the 1st disc WTF why why why
  6. sads123

    Eh, its the same as the single, just that its performed live and I never liked that song in the 1st place so.... 😗 I wonder why they tacked that song into the CD though; kinda out of place. You are referring to the CD of mp3s that came as a present for pre-ordering the 回想、睡蓮と向日葵 DVD? I wonder why CDs like these are still being released when one can easily rip mp3s from the DVDs as well... Edit: The CD is titled "残響、睡蓮と向日葵 II" while the DVD is titled '回想、睡蓮と向日葵'. My bad 😗 .....then I doubt there's anything else that you lack, unless you wanna conquer the VHS segment of their discography as well 😗
  7. sads123

    If you are referring to "キセキニイル(ライヴアレンジver.)", nah, its not worth it. But I love the '憧憬、睡蓮と向日葵' mini-album so its worth it for me to get live versions of the songs. The 2001 & 2011 versions of "再教育" are remastered differently so you might want to consider those as well?
  8. sads123

    The shirt looks really cool and there's a very small photo of the band as well. Price is alright too; its normally 6000yen for similar oversized tees
  9. sads123

    Thanks for the update! I'll concentrate my resources on other gigs during the period then LOL. Will you be using OBS? I finally mastered that program hahaha
  10. sads123

    The 8th Aug gig will be livestreamed on niconico for free: The encore portion is only available to niconico premium members though. @crossparallel, you thinking what I'm thinking? 😆
  11. sads123

    Sharaku had a an acoustic gig livestream with Ao yesterday: Ao played his set of 10 songs (setlist in the link), thereafter Sharaku played his set of 8 (which includes his solo songs, a cover of lab the basement's '狂い蝉が叫んだ朝に' & cali gari's '冬の日'). Ao came in to join him afterwards for 2 more songs before they ended the stream. Sharaku didn't share his setlist though. And yeah, Ao was wearing a wig when he played covers of female singers during his set and didn't want to take it off. Oh Ao~ Ao also indicated that for the cali gari x deadman gigs postponed to 2021, he will create another song with deadman for those gigs:
  12. sads123

    Thanks for the advice but I can't get it to work so nevermind LOL In other news, if anyone has written fan-fic of Makoto (ex- cali gari drummer) in a Malice Mizer cover band, you are in luck! The site accepts international credit cards so its available to everyone!
  13. sads123

    Here's a clearer photo of the T-shirt: https://ibb.co/F4KNvZc According to friend of friend, the front of the Tshirt is totally blank. And here's the front of that 5000 yen CD: https://ibb.co/5k7SjP9 Curiously, no one is selling it on mercari or yahoo auctions yet. And apparently during the gig, Ao taunted the audience who are wearing masks: "You all are dying to make some noise, right...." Oh Ao~~~ Someone has got to teach me how to post images here someday... 😞
  14. sads123

    NooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOO~~~~~~~~ Anyhoo, updated my post with cali gari's setlist; quite a mixed bag. And I find it weird that they didn't advertise that cali gari X deadman collaboration CD nor post any photos of it. And 10 songs for the upcoming Blue Film 'revivial' CD; assuming "Sex On The Beach" is one of them, there will be 2 unknown songs. Curiouser and curiouser....
  15. sads123

    So YOU were the one who bought that Lab CD! 😡 Just when I went "fuck it, I'll just regret my life decisions in a few weeks then" and went into Mercari to find the listing and its no longer there!!! 😭 Here's deadman's setlist for today (will update again if and when cali gari's setlist is up) cali gari's setlist is up!:
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