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  1. i wish everyone here joined the trade-off so that we could enjoy the beauty of music and have fun all together ♡ but one person will do too we need to begin the damn game

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    2. yomii


      thank you for hosting trade-off this time btw! but have you decided not to participate yourself to start it? that feels wrong...o:

    3. Shir0


      ofc,  no need to thank me haha Im not as experienced  as the other mods to host a trade-off but I hope it will turn out good. No not exactly I know it's kinda weird lol but I thought I'll announce the pairs as planned so everyone can start with their mixtapes and reviewing while I look for someone who might spontaneously pair up with me so it depends on whether I can find someone of not in that time? 

    4. yomii


      well last time everyone was late with their mixes and reviews so i think you have enough time for finding a partner! good luck, hope it turns out alright~

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