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  1. R/O

    If it isn’t “Gekka no Yasoukyoku” (barely) in disguise...
  2. R/O

    It’s Final Fantasy though... the series that gave us Squall and Kuja. Is it really unexpected when it’s Final Fantasy?
  3. R/O

    Let’s hope for APRÉS MIDI and Seraph
  4. R/O

    CLAIRE TOO! And it translates so well to that kind of arrangement.
  5. R/O

    That one overdone chord progression/stock melody. It’s just gotten BORING AS—
  6. R/O

    @TheZigzagoon Who knows? I just wish they at least put out one last single just to tie some loose ends (and so they go out on a better song than “Garnet”, tbh). That being said, if they ever decide to do anything new, I hope they pick Hitomi. “Nps•Ngs” at DSVI was probably the best version of the song, bar none.
  7. R/O

    Hope hope hope they do something in the style of “Rondo” sooner or later. That might just be my adoration for anything that brings to mind 1700 France, but I thought they did that style incredibly well on that song and that there should be more like it. That being said, the description of the album’s sound doesn’t sound like it... oh well.
  8. R/O

    @Komorebi, the good news is that it’s highly likely to work with hooded eyes.
  9. R/O

    I don’t really know what else to do... anyone got better workarounds for this?
  10. R/O

    Same... I just black the eyelid out with eyeshadow/eyeliner and put the actual makeup above it, where it is visible.
  11. R/O

  12. R/O

    As far as I know, he’s not speaking. Honestly, if he did it would kinda kill his mystique.
  13. R/O

    And, it’s been announced. I really don’t know what to think... on one hand any kind of activity from them is welcome. On the other, to see such a great band stuck in limbo like this is heartbreaking. I’m torn. But anyhow, here I have reported the announcement.
  14. R/O

    Couple of interview translations off of Scape forums. Both of them are MM Q&A interviews. I’ll try to get more work done this afternoon.
  15. R/O

    I might see if I can use google sites or something... so it’s going to be somewhere more organized for it than a forum.
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