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  1. MAGORiA

    Send a pic of your eye without makeup and I can try to help you with the cut crease ❤️ To give depth to the line you could add a brighter line, like white, right above it and then try to create a shadow underneath it using a greyish brown eyeshadow with a small flat brush Look up face painting techniques, how to make wrinkles for example, that might be helpful if you want it to look 3D! As for the concealer around the lips, try different kinds of concealers. Some are very harsh on the skin. SPF is known to cause eczema for some people so try to avoid that ingredient. You could also try using a nude lipstick or lipliner that matches your skintone ❤️ You can set lipstick with powder so it will look like concealer. Try nivea cream for extreme moisturizer or aloe vera gel to soothen the problematic skin ❤️ or go to the doctor. It could be Perioral Dermatitis, I have it, if you wear a lot of makeup or use strong cleansing products you can develop it. You will need tetracycline to get rid of it (antibiotics)
  2. MAGORiA

    Oops haha, forgot to write lol In the weekend I usually eat more fresh stuff! My favourite weekend food, fresh sliced mango and chicken drumsticks with a nice salad and creme fraiche/yoghurt dip with mango chutney and curry flavour I also love gratin with potato strips, mozzarella, herbs, garlic etc haha Find some fun recipes or make up your own using stuff you love ❤️❤️❤️
  3. MAGORiA

    Oooh hmm fish sauce and curry paste is fresh for many months, or years haha so that is good ingredients same thing when it comes to broth, I use the powder ones that you mix with water haha I usually freeze my food in the freezer so that I can eat it during the week. Usually I make a huuuge meal enough for a whole week, that way you save money actually ❤️ Frozen vegetables is great if you live alone or don't eat that much. I prefer fresh vegetables tho but I just buy enough for the cooking so nothings goes to waste ❤️ Meat is expensive and doesn't last that long unless it's frozen. I prefer vegan options because they last longer and doesn't go dangerously bad like meat does 😂 I keep it in the freezer and just use enough for the meal. Vegan options are very cheap so if you don't manage to eat it all, it's not that wasteful when it comes to the economical part. You can also use cauliflower instead of meat, very cheap and you can fry it, boil it and stuff! Very healthy and you feel full from a very small amount ❤️ you can even shred it and use it instead of rice. Vegan options for meat doesn't usually taste that good on it own. I usually treat it like real meat, put it in marinade and cook it with broth to give it a meaty flavour! Coconut milk or cream in cans last for a very long time, many years! Canned food also. Test different kinds of canned vegetables etc and you will find some favourites. Rice, pasta, onion, potato, carrots etc also lasts for a very long time! If you want more varied food I suggest you to look up different recipes using the same ingredients, that way you don't need to buy that much food and you can cook different meals from the same ingredients ❤️ I used to be very thin too, I found it easier to eat soup back then, maybe try that? Soups are very easy to make, just put in whatever you like in some vegetable or meat broth and water. You can even use cream, coconut milk or regular milk to make the soup thicker and that makes you more full I usually drink vegetable broth and eat some crackers or fruit for breakfast or whenever I feel hungry, I only eat one "real" meal a day with rice, potato etc haha So hmmm.... just buy food once a week and plan your meals ❤️ usually in recipes they tell you how many servings you get out of the recipe, that's good because you will now how many days it will last you ❤️
  4. MAGORiA

    I'm making gaeng ped atm, "vegetarian", kind of haha... not really but w/e It's fake chicken made of qourn, red curry paste, onion, red pepper, red chili, parsley and chives that I wok in a pan Added coconut milk, fish sauce,chicken broth, palm sugar and lime juice. Bring it to a boil and it's done. Added some more parsley to it, didn't have that much vegetables because it's too expensive haha, should be broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, bamboo shots and sugar snaps in it too but whatever haha Served it with jasmine rice omnom
  5. MAGORiA

    Haha I look like shit, ignore my wig, this is kind of my everyday look. I am not that visual kei anymore, I used to look more extreme when I was younger, pink and black hair with curls etc. I need to upgrade my hair, but I am too lazy to get a new wig atm 😂 I want to get black and grey hair, I think (I am the guy btw)
  6. MAGORiA

    Use nivea creme, the one in the blue tin container ❤️ its very cheap and extremely moisturizing! Apply it heavily in the evening before you sleep and your face should be moisturized by the morning! By heavily I meen A LOT! your face should look extremely greasy and feel very sticky haha! I like to use that under makeup too. I have combination skin, oily in the T-zone and dry in the forehead and cheeks. It's the best thing I have ever tried! In the morning you just wash it off in warm water and scrub away the dead skincells using a towel. Then apply a small amoumt under your makeup. To keep your makeup on I suggest you to use a primer. There are many different kinds of primers, you will have to find one that works for you. My recommendation is the Master Primers from Maybelline or the Porefessional by Benefit. The benefit one is expensive though. For foundation I recommend you to use an oil based one. Even cream makeup could work for dry skin. I recommend the L'Oréal Paris Infallible pro glow foundation or their true match one, Dermacol Makeup Cover foundation could also work. If you want to try cream makeup I recommend the Kryolan Ultra foundation, Kryolan TV Paint Stick. It's basically foundation that doesn't dry out. You will need to set it using a little bit of powder, but it works on dry skin! You could try to use cream contouring, it might work a bit better since your skin is dry. I prefer powder contour though because it is easier to apply. I think it will work if you find a foundation that doesn't dry out. Even a BB-cream could work. I tried the Revolution ultra face base foundation BB-cream. It didn't dry out so that one could be great for you! If your skin is extremely dry you could put on a heavy layer of Nivea Creme under your foundation, that way your skin won't absorb the moisture from the foundation. Think about your skin as a sponge that soaks up liquid kind of haha, that is what dry skin does, so you need to use a lot of moisturizer until it can't soak up anymore liquid. You know you have used enough if your skin feels sticky after half an hour or so!
  7. MAGORiA

    This type of makeup looks a bit weird when your eyes are closed because we black out the eyelids haha Pictures of phantasmagoria's members Emiru from aicle, he puts the eyelashes on the lids haha:
  8. MAGORiA

    It worked now, I just picked a random picture haha so this is kind of how I would do it on you ❤️ Your eyes are perfect for asian makeup actually! I made this very quickly so it's not a great edit, but yeah haha, you get the idea
  9. MAGORiA

    I think your instagram is private because the link leads me to a page that says the link doesn't work haha
  10. MAGORiA

    So you can't post links at all? o: If you post a link I could copy and paste it into the browser to see it
  11. MAGORiA

    Aaah haha we will come up with something! Post the image on a site like imageshack or something like that, then you just post the direct link to the image in your post ❤️
  12. MAGORiA

    Haha yeah it could work for visual kei, but keep in mind that asians have different eyeshapes so it might not work for all non-asians ^___^ I tried to give tips that works for most people ❤️Just like cut crease doesn't work for everyone but looks good on some people
  13. MAGORiA

    Nothing wrong about cosplaying haha
  14. MAGORiA

    You mean you have hooded eyes? Like.... the skin folds over the eyelids? What I would do is either to use eyelid tape, same thing asians use. Hooded eyes and asian eyes are very similar so you should be able to follow asian tutorials. When you do the eyes you will have to look straight forward while you do it to get the shape right! ❤️ Maybe if you could submit a picture of your eyes, or a picture of someone with similar eyes to you? That way I can help you ❤️
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