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  1. I didn't understand this thread between Kinoko and Jewelry. Is Kinoko the once kissing Michaki? 🤔🤔
  2. Jack caper just uploaded a video with the Maria I think?

  3. meikyoushisui

  4. meikyoushisui

    So a new single about Nana is coming or what?
  5. I just saw hyakki yakou bus was translated https://zuihitsu.blog/2019/09/03/怪盗戦隊ヌスムンジャー-kaitou-sentai-nusumunjaa-百鬼夜行バス-hyakki-yakou-bu/
  6. meikyoushisui

    I think this has to be in the kiryu thread. I saw "Sakai Mitsuki" on news section and I thought something bad happened 😅😅😂 +1 Someone pls make a compilation of him doing "ah" and edit it like a cd drama yaoi😂😂😂
  7. meikyoushisui

    Oh come on😓😓. I was waiting more even if they left Kerberos. Hajimari hajimari was awesome and sumairu so random and unexpected...
  8. and they opened a youtube channel too!
  9. I'm totally surprised of seeing Shuma but happy 😁😁 He did a comment on ig about:
  10. So Goemon records' new band is an "animals band"?


  11. meikyoushisui

    Does anyone have a clue about this comment from Kuina about zeroHz: Also about zero[hz], I think there are people who think “why do you like them this much?” The biggest reason is that there was that stupid rumor that they let out information about Royz. Even though there was no reason for it people believed in these rumors. They were wrongly accused. source
  12. meikyoushisui

    hajimari hajimari MV is not available anymore hope they'll re- upload it someday
  13. I think the gazette dvds spread faster even without this blog. Their international fan base was built on piracy. don't you know facebook?
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