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  1. FOSCOR70

    so dimlim released misc on usa version. hmm...gotta say, i feel pity for all those people who are gonna die without listening to dimlim. Ive heard a lots of different kind of music, from cannibal corpse to indian classical music, from neo folk to jpop but nothing soothes my soul as Sho's gender bending vocals. All hail DIMLIM~
  2. FOSCOR70

    #TEAMTREES is a mega funding campaign for planting 20 million trees before the year 2020. For every one dollar donated, one tree will be planted. This video started it all - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPJKxAhLw5I A lot of big personalities are supporting it like discovery channel, Elon Musk, Alan Walker, etc and almost every youtuber. https://teamtrees.org/ what do you think about it?
  3. FOSCOR70

    They have released a single and an EP on Spotify USA version. Album cover looks ugly tho. Listen to beyond the happiness. He does some real cool stuff with his voice like he is choking on something that I've haven't heard anybody else do ever LOL. These Japanese vocalists man... They seems to be on war with eachother like who can make the most weird kind of noises smh.
  4. FOSCOR70

    Someone provide me a good playlist of this guy or a mixtape pz.
  5. FOSCOR70

    The above post pretty much nails it. K-pop is quite similar to VK and comparing them is a nice way to find out why k-pop became a world wide craze among females specially while VK did not. K-pop uses the same formula as VK and jpop uses which is getting pretty boys and girls to do singing and in case of k-pop, dancing. Somefuckinghow (i don't know how they do it) females are able to ship the group members to romantic scenarios in their mind and get pleasure? Ya. Shipping members might be easier in k-pop as a typical k-pop group has more members than in any typical VK band and kpop groups are selected on the basis of their looks, they look more girly even without makeup than Japs might ever. Not to mention the k-pop revolves around the themes like love, friendship, teenage, school life etc and VK which is gothy and edgy. -kpop is mostly pop music while VK is mostly Rock. And pop music have always been more popular than Rock hence the name. - VK has (or had?) the goth vibe around due to the extravagant outfits, morbid lyrics and makeup and everybody knows how unpopular the goth stuff is even among Rock fans. All in all, if k-pop is the popular cool chick of the school, VK is the outcast goth girl. Oh and jpop is the ex popular chick of the school who used to rule over the heart of every boy but lost her popularity as soon as the k-pop chick transferred. Well that's my take on this topic.
  6. FOSCOR70

    They win, period.
  7. FOSCOR70

    Another Western band but this had to be mentioned. -The devil wears Prada. Coolness drips from this name.
  8. ive always wondered what other people think about while listening to music especially when the music is not in their native tongue or the language you dont at all understand. Like for me, Whenever i listen to music i create my own story or scenario or you can say kind of like a music video in my mind. Either this or i imagine myself actually performing the song in front of an audience like a rockstar lol. Fantastical imagination is limitless. One more thing ive noticed is that i only truly enjoy listening to music while standing,without headphones or any earpiece gadget.As i move a lot while listening to music. Every part of my body refuses to be still no matter if im hearing mozart's symphony No. 40 or 'whats up people' by maximum the hormone. How is it with you? Im so curious.
  9. FOSCOR70

    Was playing apb reloaded. its a online multiplayer shooter game, and on world chat someone was trashing talking and guess what was that player's name? Kisaki. Not even kidding. wish had taken a screenshot :l
  10. FOSCOR70

    Ugh you guys taste fucking sucks. How dare you rate TMOAB so low...tsk tsk.
  11. FOSCOR70

    out where hun? Do you mean the youtube versions posted by fans with their phones?
  12. FOSCOR70

    Um... Can you guys can try writing some goodass reviews on popular music sites like rateyourmusic? People there really dig reviews and ratings. My English sucks but I'll try too anyway. Better than nothing. I also requested some music youtubers to feature this band and made some threads on other forums in which im active at featuring this band. They need advertisement. I don't see any reason why any metal fan won't like them.
  13. FOSCOR70

    where can I find the live versions of all the songs in "the insulated world" album? Any idea anyone?
  14. FOSCOR70

    Cheodara by Dimlim lol. Thought it was just going to be another album by a run-of-the-mill vk band trying to be heavy. Boy was i wrong. This album filled the gap that TIW made.
  15. FOSCOR70

    Your right. On second thought saying he is on par with kyo or sho sounds like exaggeration. But i gotta admit his clean singing and their music definitely reminded me of kyo and dir en grey's ballad songs which rarely happens as far as japanese musicians are confirmed. i dont understand tuning so idk about that but if tuning can make you sound this good then i dont mind it either.
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