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  1. NightFall

    Preview for their next single デンドロビューム (which seems to be an alternate way of pronouncing デンドロビウム, the flower Dendrobium https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dendrobium) Yoshi's still a clown, but I'm enjoying the luminescent/neon colours going on. As for the song, I'm quietly excited for the release.
  2. NightFall

    @platy Gotta be more than just throat issues, the other two seem much more likely. I agree the other guys were amazing, especially Yusuke even more now that we know what kind of pain he is in Such a shame he can't play anymore, I can't imagine how he feels emotionally or physically.
  3. NightFall

    I thought so too, which really disappointed me. I saw them a couple years ago, and though my memory is a bit foggy by this point, I'm pretty sure he was a lot better than on the DVD. Though I guess that could have been due to the live environment. He also seemed a bit overly emotional on the DVD, sure it was their 3rd anniversary tour but he was acting like it was their last. Maybe they were already discussing disbandment/hiatus due to Yusuke's health? Who knows, it really ruins what could have been some of the better performances though.
  4. NightFall

    So I guess that sums up the concept for the album. The less aggressive-heavy songs are really nice, especially with a competent drummer. Hiroshi even does really well in the aggressive songs, too. Malformation is probably my favourite song from the album, though I really enjoy 愛憎につき as well. I kinda wish they hadn't released it for preview though, I would have liked to experienced that song in the album first. I think 3 songs for preview was too many, considering there's only 10 actual songs. 2 previews would have been fine; vanitas, and then シガラミ got me plenty hyped for the album. The SE tracks... The first one was fine, I guess. It gets a pass since a lot of albums have a filler SE track to start things off, but I didn't appreciate the second SE at all. I felt like it completely ruined the flow.
  5. NightFall

    Got my copy today from CDJapan. This album is simply amazing. All the songs are notable, the production is on point and well beyond what is generally expected for VK, and it overall lives up to the hype generated from the three songs we got in preview. I'm sure it will be worth the wait for everyone else whose copy hasn't arrived yet. And to be honest, I didn't realize there was this much skill in Retsu and Ryuya's guitar playing. Of course, Hiroshi is a much better drummer than Issei ever was, so that probably allows them to demonstrate their skill a lot more now. It's pretty heavy overall, but there is diversity in the stylistic choices in the songwriting. There are a couple of ballad-ish songs (Malformation, D.Hymnus), but the final track 「人」と「形」is the most like that. Otherwise Vanitas probably comes closest to that Avalon-like Ballad feel. I noticed that the 3 preview songs all say the music is by Retsu, but in the lyric booklet every song composition is credited as 02. Retsu is the 2nd member credited in the band members, so... I dunno lol
  6. The title track sounds really good, and I don't think they've really done much as melodic as this before. 汚れる前に私を抱いて sounds really promising, but you could say they've done it before; it really reminds me of 狼少年と毒林檎 from dadaism#3. FAKE, as has already been said, is a pretty standard live-oriented banger track. It's pretty good though, there's nothing wrong with it from the preview. Does it matter if they've already done it? Repetition is the best way to get better and they're definitely improving heaps, especially when it comes to their melodic song structures (which I don't think enough people give them credit for)
  7. NightFall

    I definitely really agree with your review all round! I loved Falling when it was previewed, and I have to say I'm glad there wasn't much preview for the album like you stated! I really enjoyed it thoroughly, and while I was starting to get a bit bored towards the end, the sudden switch up with UNFINISHED was really nice; it wasn't the best song ever, and not necessarily even a big stand out, but to me it was like they were acknowledging where they came from and I loved that. I agree that その声は脆く was probably my favourite song on first listen, and I'm also really enjoying THE MORTAL. I said it reminds me of multiple albums at once, but I agree with @Shmilly that NINTH should still be credited as it's own era of Gazerock, for much the same reasons as he said.
  8. NightFall

    It sounds like they'll be doing something to cause some kind of scene, and then they'll make a "declaration" there. Maybe they'll be teasing something on their website and hope people go check it out and get interested, then make an actual announcement on the second date they're doing whatever it is? Or maybe hold impromptu live shows in public, promising to keep playing as DIMLIM and then tease a new single after the second show. Probably the latter, but the former would be interesting 😛
  9. I don't get everyone saying it's a bland preview, it's actually pretty involved musically and thematically. This preview is also most likely towards the end of the song, and from the sounds of it there's probably gonna be some kind of musical journey from beginning to end, much like what Aru hi, Sekai wa Utsukushii to Omotta gave us. I'm definitely very excited for the single, and hope to hear previews of the other tracks soon.
  10. NightFall

    This new song was a wild ride I was not expecting! But I came out the other end pumped to see what else DIMLIM are gonna send our way XD I'm def interested in seeing what Taishi and Hiroshi add to the sound of the band going from here
  11. NightFall

  12. NightFall

    I'M HELLA PUMPED FOR THIS XD What looks like an Ariel summon around 2:10 excites me heaps, but of course they're bringing more characters (like marluxia and vanitas) back xD
  13. NightFall

    I thought that's what it was It will be interesting to see what the theme will be, does anyone have any idea what "Che do a ra" is supposed to mean?
  14. NightFall

    Oh shit the hype is real for this! But what does "concept full album" even mean?
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