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  1. Is there a reason Wagakki Band isn't associated with Visual Kei? I just watched one of their really popular videos for the first time and everyone looks the part. Went to look at their wikipedia page (lel), and vk isn't mentioned at all

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    2. CAT5


      I believe it's because these bands were originally rooted in the doujin/touhou scene which, from my understanding, isn't traditionally associated with Visual Kei. Though I doubt the two are entirely mutually exclusive.

    3. Himeaimichu


      @CAT5 For Wagakki Band, they were initially a vocaloid cover band, which is definitely a completely different continuum from Visual Kei (but that hasn't stopped Gackt or Yohio from jumping in on making a vocaloid lol).

    4. KrumpingChihuahua


      I remember that i thought at first also they are a visual kei group. Beside the visual kei connections from some band members i think the main reason comes from them wearing costumes on stage, then their bassist asa crossdresses often, it comes easy to someones mind they could be visual kei.  There is a high chance that the vk refusal had to do with them being a major band like Himeaimichu stated. (They was contracted to avex)

      Also Machiya is Machiya in Waggaki Band but Shin Oumura(its his real name) in m:a.ture and his solo stuff. 

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