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    Starter bands...!! Wow, I feel so very *pedestrian*. Lol. In truth, I haven't listened to much visual-kei music since two years ago, so my appreciation is quite "undercooked" despite totally loving the whole scene. The people I knew who were into it no longer keep around so I branched out onto other crazes.
  2. inoddn

    My interest in visual-kei made my friend introduce me to this place, I've never been on a forum before so I think this is very interesting...! I know it's not necessarily a genre of music, but the music of the sub-culture is what intrigued me... I discovered the stuff upon meeting a vk guy.DEG was my first proper introduction, of course, but my favorites are Malice Mizer (and members of), MUCC, the Gazzte, Velvet Eden, and that's all of what's coming to mind. I don't know what else you dandy people need to know to understand what I'm doing here(?) Well, I like art... I am pretty darn extreme about some things, too. Yes! I think that's all...??
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