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  1. @xLIZ4 Just to let you know that the Singles were shipped
  2. I kinda think that Kisaki pushed that release 'cause the song was recorded 10 years ago already. Don't think it's an "active" Project atm.
  3. Just be patient...the pre-order phase was until 8/16. They're in the process of pressing the CDs now I guess...it can take some time these days but it surely will come. For the album it was similar but this time it may take longer because of the C-Virus
  4. I ordered 2 copies at TOWER RECORDS too...but also found help getting 2 copies from the LAE stores ♡
  5. Hm...so the label it will be released inder is called "NEEDLE"...any ideas on that?!
  6. Alucardius

    Sadly the lyrics are not even printed on the package of the CD as I checked it moments ago 😕
  7. Alucardius

    Would love to take Ms.Psycho , Judgement DVD and Genesis of your hands ^^ Shipping to Germany.
  8. Alucardius

    The album will be out in March...maybe too early to look for it at CD Japan.
  9. Luckily got my hands on these via Mercari ^^
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