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RAKUGAKI alterego band 羅苦餓鬼 releases 1st digital single

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For some reason this completely flew under my radar, but it appears RAKUGAKI has released their 1st digital single under their alterego moniker 羅苦餓鬼 (also read as "Rakugaki") on 2020/10/31, titled 『殺意二満チタ貴女へ…』("Satsui NI miCHITA kijo E..."). As you could guess from the stylization of the title, it's more of a dark kote-kei influenced record compared to their usual eclectic pop-punk rock style.


This comes as too late now, but they were also taking pre-orders for a special made-to-order cassette version of the single until 8th November (i.e. the number of copies are limited to the number of preorders). So that slipped us by now, but at least we can listen to the tunes online.


TuneCore link


Here is the Youtube playlist of the single for those who don't have Spotify and want to have a quick listen:



I thought this was quite fun! Still sad to see these guys go so soon...

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Sounds cool !! This is more what I expected when they originally signed to AINS.

Sooooo... Kagrou - XII DIZZY anyone?

Still good either way!

8 hours ago, Linh-san said:

That's pretty cool! I like the alterego concept, it feels fresh in the ears :3 More bands should do this tbh

I agree although I know the result is me being confused at my library after a year or two as to who all these other bands are lol!

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