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new band "En'Cell♰Dis'Dein" has formed

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8 hours ago, nomemorial said:

That PV is great! Songwriting on all these tracks is really strong - reminds me of everything that got me into VK while not feeling derivative.

wow, Thank you! .  . Im really happy that the intention was conveyed ‪ヽ(^0^)ノ

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2 hours ago, Senedjem said:

What yall are doing takes me back to the first 2-3 years of getting into vk in a way i can't really articulate, its real nice

Oh man, thanks so much. Im really happy you and others are getting the exact feeling I aimed to put into the music. Really humbled, will try to not disappoint from nowヤッフ〜(*ˊᗜˋ*) ノ

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We are in this month's Vijuttoke free magazine~



I translated the interview for everyone ^_^ enjoy~



■Nice to meet you,
Please tell us how it came to be that
En'Cell十Dis'Dein was formed.

Sou: For all of those who have not felt the
world view of Kairu we formed this charitable organization
so that they can experience it themselves.
The members who come close to this world view must have
virtues of the highest level that are untainted by poisons
so that they may be able to evangelize others properly with
their artistic strengths.

■Please introduce the members.

Kairu: On guitar, Kairu.

Kiyoshi: On Bass, Kiyoshi.

Sou: I am the vocalist Sou. If you ask these two
it is probably "sou",
But just from reading it is probably "Saw".
I enjoy watching horror films but actually
I am not so good at watching them.

■Since you formed in March of this year and the world soon
fell into the state of Corona, what kind of activities have
you been doing in this situation?

Sou: We were constantly writing songs. Since we were working by
exchanging data and messages I do not think it affected us much.
Since there were times I was late with my work I think it was
actually a positive thing since it gave me time to think about lyrics.

Kiyoshi: I joined from August so...
well from before then I was talking with kairu so...(^^♪

■I hear the concept of En'Cell十Dis'Dein is "Dark & Occult".
Please tell me who are some of the artists that have influenced you.

Kairu:There are many artists I like but if talking about what influenced me with this band...
Due~le~Quartz, Laputa, and Lamiel.

Sou: After I received the first demo from kairu I felt it touched upon
my feelings of listening to alot of Deadman.

Kiyoshi: I like cool and exciting artists regardless of the genre! If talking about "Dark & Occult"
I like Marilyn Manson and such but...(haha)  Also, there are alot of people who switched from guitar to bass
but I started out on bass. The reason I started bass was because of NIKKI SIXX!! (haha)

■You released a song in March and in June. Next there is a 3 track CD to be released in October.
What kind of things do you keep in mind when making music for En'Cell十Dis'Dein?

Kairu:In a part of my soul there is a kind of world that is like an eroguro manga.
Before making a song I go into a mode of "falling into myself" where without thinking
I paint an image in that world. From there I think of the song title and then leave the
lyrics up to Sou. I'm sorry it is always a strange song title.

Sou: From the song titles the lyrics take form, so it's Kairu-Sama-Sama.

Kiyoshi: As I said before I joined from August so these 3 songs already existed so... It's like "Did I play these with my feel?"(^_-)-☆

■Please tell me what the first song on your CD "Death Proposal" is like.

Kairu: It is an easy to understand song with a strong impact. Since I grew up in California I tried to add the flavor of Hardcore Punk from there to this song.

Kiyoshi: I played that song pretending I was Jerry Only (haha)

Sou: When making the lyrics I thought of a certain psychological thriller movie and added a passage similar to that.
Please look at the lyrics and look for the meaning.

■The 2nd song Dataizai(english translation:Illegal Abortion)'s name gives a really strong impact.
Is it a song that gives the feel of 90's V-rock?

Kairu:Of all the songs I've ever made so far this one is maybe my favorite.
There are flavors from many eras I think, using the older playing style it is
a song that can appeal even to younger Visual Kei fans. It's a song that only this band can do.

Sou: Ironically I made lyrics that look forward and is full of love.

Kiyoshi: Keep this between us but I'm looking forward to November when we are shooting a music video for it!

■Please tell us what is your approach towards En'Cell十Dis'Dein's lives.

Kairu:Forget the everyday world and rest with us in the darkness.

Kiyoshi: It's such a troublesome time, so I hope that if you come you can let out all the stress
and emotions that you can't usually let out. It's a live so the least you can do is become crazy with us!

■Please tell our readers what is the appeal of an En'Cell十Dis'Dein live.

Sou:Ikebukuro Black Hole on October 29th (Thursday) is our 1st live, so I hope you can see it
and feel our world.

■What is your vision for En'Cell十Dis'Dein in the future?

Sou:Step by step I hope we can gain experience so we can express what we want in a proper form.
We are a new band that just formed  but I hope we can surprise everyone with our strong actions.

■Lastly please give a message to our Vijuttokem readers.

Kiyoshi: To those who have just learned about us and are interested in us please
check out our activities from now on.


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