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  1. Preview of a Dadaroma cover I'm working on! https://app.box.com/s/rb6pbk798nj4eqo373fd2r1uujxmjwt0

    1. Karma’s Hat

      Karma’s Hat

      Their heavier songs are fun as hell to cover. This one is probably my favorite ( I think it's the most challenging also? ), but zouka, belka to strelka and lucid dream are great well.  

    2. Kaleidoscope


      Definitely, it was a blast recording this one! And yeah, Ame no Waltz is pretty demanding especially when it comes to breathing technique and transitions, but it's fun since you can go wild. Apathy Human is pretty tough as well. I wish they'd do more in this style - I mean I enjoy their other stuff too, but the ratio of br00tal stuff could be a bit higher.

    3. Mihenno


      omg this sounds awesome! Good job! :D

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