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  1. Are there any smaller bands which I should try to interview? a band which people care for...?

    1. Axius


      for severe addicts only

      Dunno how popular they are but judging from the wix site not that popular.


      Also did Revive ever reach out to you about an interview its ok if they haven't they have been going threw a tough time. 

    2. BrenGun


      both are small... so maybe 50 people would read it.


      REVIVE never reached out. But if you talk a lot to a member, be free to recommend me.


      Even my beast interview was read badly, which I don't understand at all. 😑 


      and even cocoro auction(who have many twitter followers) isn't read by their japanese fans... they call temselves popular in Japan. but well fans didn't care to check the interview.

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