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  1. You guys have probably never heard an Albanian song, so here's a rock ballad. If you listen to it, please tell me what u think about it 


  2. The new Bring me the horizon track is so dope! Check it out bmth fans

  3. Ozileras10

    Fucking hell the first disc fucking slaps. Every song is insane, my favorite being the third track. Overall I like these songs more than Rijin
  4. Ozileras10

    Lol, for the third track "哀" they used the intro from a video that was posted on Ruki's clothing brand instagram!
  5. Ozileras10

    New look for their tour final:
  6. Ozileras10

    I don’t really know, a friend sent me this link
  7. Ozileras10

    https://m.bilibili.com/video/av64363920.html?from=search&seid=15719952892233278759 The wowow stream of the New York show
  8. Ozileras10

    What time?
  9. They will do a North America tour in December, 2019!
  10. Ozileras10

    Sure, I’ll give feedback when I go through the discography. I have one question though! Is every song from them a cover song?
  11. Ozileras10

    Alright thanks a lot
  12. Ozileras10

    Can someone please recommend me some songs from them coz I really wanna start listening to them but don’t know where to start
  13. Here’s a Kizu gem for y’all


  14. Does anyone know where I can find a page with high quality GazettE photoshoots?

  15. Ozileras10

    I was born a muslim and since I was a kid I had doubts and I was always looking for the truth. I looked into all the major religions from a neutral perspective and found out that the only religion that answers all the questions is Islam. Reading into philosophy also helped me make my faith stronger as I was exposed to a different perspective. I have to say that the media portrays us in a bad way as they are looking at Islam from a liberal perspective. Islam is not a liberal religion.
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