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  1. wowaka passed away..what the fuck man...rip 


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    2. CAT5


      Yeah...this one definitely cuts deep for me...Wowaka was one of my favorite Japanese musicians/composers, and I placed him amongst the likes of TK from ling tosite sigure, and Yoshimasa Terui of Haisuinonasa and Siraph. Everything about the music he made was absolutely singular, from his vocal style to his composing and songwriting. His sense of melody was fucking out of this world.


      I highly doubt that HITORIE will be able to continue without him (since he kinda WAS the band), but they did leave us with a fantastic last album and a wonderful body of work. Imma miss wowaka. This is a huge loss for me, so I can only imagine what his bandmates, family, and friends are going through...

    3. Zeus


      this is brutal

    4. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      Shocked. Hitorie was one of the few Japanese indie rock bands I followed with pleasure... so sad...

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