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  1. Jeen

    Hi lynch fans ! ALLIVE is available on streaming plateforms...! In japan only... But for you here a gift i made Spotify japanese account + VPN and get access to the song, i recorded it and convert to mp3. It’s not a digital purchase (i tried with amazon co jp account and they don’t let me buy it), And not a legit rip so i don’t put it to the download section, iam sure it will be here soon but i made this for people like me who can’t wait. Here you go ! https://www.mediafire.com/file/5forfj8wgyzotjm/ALLIVE.mp3/file Ps: Well it’s a typical lynch song guys, nothing new, don’t expect surprising sound unfortunately.. 😕 Edit : it’s available Spotify Apple etc worldwide now ^^’, strange, the « virus » single is still not there.
  2. Well i was disapointed by Okite and here it seems a solid single ! I am not against soft songs from them when it’s well done like the title track, refrain is catchy etc... The 2 others seems interesting too !
  3. I liked 1 song out of 7 (Tsumibito) from the previous one, i hope it will be better
  4. Jeen

    Can’t wait to discover new materials ! For now they finally added a few more CDs (the last 3 minis : DEICIDA, THE SWAN, XII) to streaming plateforms ! (i was upset we only had Play dolls)
  5. As it’s region blocked on Spotify i must use VPN + japanese account to listen to it but well... The single is nice, Don’t give up typical lynch banger, Waltz have very nice bass drum lines pretty original, and A gleam is a well done retake !
  6. Very nice, I hope it will be a digital release available for purchase in EU / US
  7. Hazuki said on Twitter that there will be no preview this time, he prefered something new as a promo (the full lyrics video for IDOL) 3 days left anyway !
  8. If i want a best of I just have to listen the whole anima album, btw they never toped this one imo, it’s a perfect record from A to Z. Iam still curious about their comeback.
  9. Jeen

    What a horrible night to have a curse. « I terrify them, Sypha disorients them, Alucard goes over the top and we support him. » *Bloody Tears launched*
  10. "Ballad EP", why not ! Previous ones were "full" heavy (and surprisingely very good imo, especially URGE), iam not against hearing new sounds if it's done right. (i admit i cringed with the jazz kei song but well there is only one thanks god...) siren (Mao's singing is impressive) and alone without equal seems promising. One more time if i look at their debut and Sadie's last works, it's a very nice level x)
  11. Jeen

    Nice tracklist but where is Monica ?
  12. Jeen

    I just received my Deluxe edition today ! As usual, beautiful packaging, nothing outstanding but well, it's clean ! Let me know if you are interested in photos in case you hesitate to buy it (otherwise there is a instagram "teaser" of the edition). If someone also bought it and speak/read japanese (there is subtitles), i'am interested in a summary of what they say in the document ^^; (i feel stupid to bought it for this reason, but well, it was just for the collection) Btw there is the disc 2, where you don't need to be bilingual at all xD, i can upload it for those who are interested in instrumentals, let me know.
  13. Jeen

    As usual the album is now available on Spotify ! (and also Apple Music etc i guess)
  14. Jeen

    Hazuki showed how the Deluxe edition will look like ! Basically it's a vynil format ^^
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