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Kentaro's artworks

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The title may look a bit confusing. Just for clarification "Kentaro" is my artist nickname that I use on social media. I've derived it from Gargoyle guitarist, Kentaro Yokota. I just happened to come up with it after I joined MH 😅


Anyway, I'm just a furry artist. My artstyle is inspired from Disney and Chuck Jones, but recently I've been thinking about implementing some manga elements to it. I do digital art (mostly Paint Tool SAI and recently CSP), as well as traditional (promarkers), just need do more the later ones. I actually wanted to share my art here many years ago, but I just felt I wasn't good enough. And my drawings from back then looked nothing like I do today. Now my skills improved a lot, so you can enjoy it now! 😄


For now most of my art is made of furries, but I'm trying to practice humans as well, as I genuinely wanna draw some J-rockers and J-metallers! 😎

Also my DeviantArt: https://www.deviantart.com/kentaroflamepaw











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I do traditional art as well. Just drawings of my four furry OCs ;) 



Kentaro Fox (my fursona)



Hikaru the Cofee Fox



Su Yeon the Lotus Lynx/Cat Girl



Rinchen the Blue Snow Leopard

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My summary of 2020, just as the title says ;)  Template made by me btw



My art resolutions for 2021 are:

  • get better at dynamic poses
  • improve at complex backgrounds
  • draw more pictures with at least 2 characters
  • make more heavy metal and visual kei themed art

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7 minutes ago, Keiyuh said:

How the hell did my comment get deleted? Now people will think I removed it

Oh come on, mate, that's not a right thread to keep going on about it. Especially during MH's final hours 🤨

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