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Great music from unexpected countries

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Today I picked Turkey 

Since I stayed for like 4 months there I warmed up to their culture as I made my way into Asia 

While pop and anatolian melody and folk music are their main attraction I mainly focused on their attempts on nu metal and alt metal and I picked from a band that I liked similariesd to Linkin park for their catchy and deep lyrics 

MaNga is a band in Turkey formed in early 2000 a 5 piece band which mixes genres both local and international (alt rock metal anatolian and folk) the reason they're called manga is that they wanted a name that would mean universal manga gained fame after their debut albums lead single called "bir kadin cizeceksin" (you will draw a girl) which it's lyrics are very deep in a manner that it focuses on main problems of many people in their reaccuring moments in life and I really like it after their 2005 album in 2008 and 2009 they drop their sophomore album which was a massive success with singles as cevapsiz sorular (unanswered questions) and dunyanin sonuna dogumusum (born at the end of the world) their success caused them to be nominated in the eurovision contest before it went shit they were placed 2nd place with countries like UK and france placed their nominations on Turkey for their first ever English spoken song "we could be the same" 



"Unanswered questions" 

Was a mysterious song which was shot in Prague Czech Republic similar to Linkin parks numb where they shot the entire video in Prague to 

The acoustic guitar and piano followed by cello and faint violins give a drafty feeling as if being swept away by a breeze that doesent exist the songs lyricism speaks of solitude and loneliness as if no one share a thought like thyself

The song is listed above 


"bir kadin cizeceksin" (you will draw a girl) 


Their lead single in their debut album which is a personal favourite 

To understand this song an obvious translation is required which I'll do my best if anyone wants 

The song is massive to its instrumental manners and the lyrics with genres and techniques that would sound cheesy but nailed quite surprisingly (rap nu metal anatolian etc) 

But I have no idea to this day what the animation is supposed to mean


"dunyanin sonuna dogumusum" (born at the end of the world) 


My favourite next to unanswered questions 

Think this song as a continuation of the 1st album but more layers 

The lyrics are about the cycle of people in their own make belief worlds and constant need of consuming (pornography, fashion, attention etc) while not explicitly related the lyrics semation is as one the world isint what we knew once was that everyones has their own degeneration if anyone asks I can translate it roughly 


We could be the same 


The eurovision song that frankly deserved to be 1st place half of the 1st world European countries agree so why not 

As a way of gratitude in a short time span the vocalist learned English so he could compose the lyrics 


This is one of the bands that cought my eye in Turkey which I'm glad I gave any attention at all but finding a effort worth of this bands early days was really hard so I just gave up halfway instead I just decided to be a actual tourist and look around the country 

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Ooh what a nice topic. I made something like this a while ago on some other forums I frequented and found a lot of great music from other countries. Gotta admit my hearing sucks right now so no idea if these hold up to my first impressions, but some guy made me convinced that Polish music is perfect. lol.  Wish someone could point me to good Swedish music though, hard to study without music 😢






... so while we're at it I listen to a lot of brazilian music as well, but much of it is like "sung poetry" and not so rich/interesting instrument/rhythm-wise IMO so not sure what to rec ??




(hopefully other brazilian users won't see my recs or else Ill get cursed at for only listening to pop music  👀)

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@Chell, let me recommend you some other Polish bands worth trying out:















Circle of Bards







Svann (side project of Abraxas' members, featuring Anja from Closterkeller)






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Today I wanted to post a hard rock band form my ventures in Sweden which I spent 2 years as a household for the sightseeing in the Netherlands it was very fun and unique lots of friendly people and thats where a friend recommended 



Amarenthe a five piece girl fronted hard metal edm and electro genre band

With male backing vocals currently I wanted to show Massive addictive since as I've been expanding genres from obscure bands to more known from every country 



While it sounds more generic it's not sullied and over produced 

While I still try to warm up to some bands half my day is spent what should I share but little steps will take the way 


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While doing this I try and push myself to not post what everyone expects or wants the same thing just like the first but more creative and unexpected something that will surprise you and identify the others as musicians and not melody heores choosing what song I should post just proves how bland and easy to copy it is while I search endlessly

Bands that actually are obscure and put a mark on others mind and is ravishing not as melody but as it's meaning because I don't listen music to pass time or to relief stress neither trying to feel I got something in common but a strange outworldly feeling that changes on the mood that I am collaterating 

The biggest example was the first band I posted while some of their songs are what you'd expect from metal groups the select few is just fundamentally important and Frankly I don't have the nerve to post unnecessary bands and it takes alot of effort to find good ones 


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