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ex-DESTROSE members new girl band "LOVEBITES" has formed

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new girl band "LOVEBITES" has formed


"LOVEBITES" members:
Gt.mi-ya (ex-a DROP OF JOKER, now in 21g)
Gt.Midori (ex-激情★めたりっちぇ(gekijou metalicche))
Ba.Rosana:miho (ex-DESTROSE)
Dr.Haruna (ex-DESTROSE)



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secret live SET-LIST at 2016/08/04:


01.Headhunter (Krokus)
02.Heavy Metal Thunder (Saxon)
03.Creeping Death (Metallica)
04.Overkill (Motörhead)
05.Battery (Metallica)

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Well after a year of silence the girls are making up for lost time. A four-song EP creatively called "The Lovebites EP" drops on August 31. Video preview here:



Then October 25 comes their full length debut album, "Awakening From Abyss." Ok less than perfect grammar there. The cover art is cool. It was done by the same artist who did Helloween's albums.




The album will be mixed and mastered by the same team that worked on the band’s debut EP, Mikko Karmila and Mika Jussila from Finnvox Studios.

The band’s first single from the album, “Shadowmaker”, will be available online September 22nd.


The best news is the band is signed to Sliptrick Records for US and Europe release even though they are signed to Victor in Japan. So none of this bullshit where Victor basically give non-Japanese fans the finger (although MB is now with Sliptrick). The EP is already on iTunes for pre-order and you got the video above, which is more than I can say for recent releases by Mary's Blood and Gacharic Spin. And someone from Sliptrick is a regular poster over on the Japanese Metal Forum.  So this band has a much more western-friendly representation. And in an interview, the girls said they want to play the US and the big Wacken show in Germany, the first time I've heard a Japanese band express a desire to play that show.


And uh, holy shit these girls are gorgeous.





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