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  1. Probably, KAMIJO already had issues with Persona Grata's distribution recently, so he probably realized the same would happen to these releases.
  2. SHOKI

    This guy has officially won best visual kei look ever for me
  3. SHOKI

    New costumes and MV are looking ridiculously beautiful!
  4. Well, she won't have to work too much on that to be honest 🤣
  5. SHOKI

    @inertia Thanks for sharing those memories on that beautiful experience. I always thought KAMIJO looked ridiculously thin (even more than usual) during that late LAREINE-NEW SODMY period, and I also had read about some of his part-time jobs at the time, but I never imagined things were really that bad for them. Makes everything they did even more impressive and makes me respect KAMIJO's passion even more than I already did. His love and the efforts he made to keep the band alive are more than admirable! I would love to hear more stories, since I sadly got to know them too late, and those details I missed make me appreciate them even more and more. @Cantavanda Same thing goes for the info on the LAREINE fansite you are working on, I can't wait to see it finished!
  6. SHOKI

    Welcome to the magical realm of visual kei~
  7. Previews sound amazing. I wonder if figuring out which song will be in which album is just a strategy to confuse fans and have them buying every version and maybe buying one of them more than once by mistake.
  8. I'm so happy! Can't wait for this!
  9. SHOKI

    Hope this will be as good as -OZ Rebellion- was. I'm glad to know Nico is still part of the band (kinda) and that will take part on the album. Didn't she get a voice acting job or something like that? That could explain her lack of time for the band.
  10. Yeah, now that you mention it I have seen other artists doing that before: full video on YouTube but with ads of the album/single all over it. Maybe it works for getting views? Nosferatu was probably chosen because it was already released as a single, like Castrato and mademoiselle were. Just my personal opinion here, but I loved Nosferatu and was very hyped for its release, but now I hate how the studio version sounds in the single. It gives me that pop-mix vibes some people got from Moulin Rouge before, muffled down drums and guitars, vocals too loud, etc.
  11. Nosferatu is getting a PV It's listed on the Blu Ray/DVD for Sang. I don't know if the late release of PV's (happened with Castrato too didn't it?) is something done intentionally or just a badly organized schedule (it kinda makes them not Promotional Videos anymore, technically at least)
  12. Very sad news indeed. Hope his health gets better.
  13. SHOKI

    Does KAMIJO's Nosferatu count? I love the song but the tracklist still looks hilarious to me.
  14. SHOKI

    Damn is a shame is mailorder/live-venue only, she really needs to be more widely known. Previews sound amazing.
  15. Yeah they made one using his voice (which ironically sounds nice singing enka) and then he re-recorded a song made for it. So, yeah, it could be way worst than this "colaboration"
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