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Found 6 results

  1. Coldrain will be releasing a DVD/Blu-Ray featuring both days of their Blare Fest performances on 2020.10.28. Limited edition comes with a booklet and a "backstage pass". Regular edition will just contain the live. Day 1 1 REVOLUTION 2 ENVY 3 THE SIDE EFFECTS 4 FIRE IN THE SKY 5 PERSONA 6 F.T.T.T 7 JANUARY 1ST 8 THE STORY 9 MAYDAY feat. Ryo (Crystal Lake) 10 24-7 feat.MAH(SiM) 11 THE REVELATION feat. Koie(Crossfaith)/イイカワケン(HEY-SMITH)/満(HEY-SMITH)/かなす(HEY-SMITH) Day 2 1 THE REVELATION 2 FEED THE FIRE 3 TO BE ALIVE 4 COEXIST 5 F.T.T.T 6 ENVY 7 NO ESCAPE 8 SEE YOU 9 REVOLUTION 10 FINAL DESTINATION Pre order Amazon/Tsutaya/TowerRecords/Hmv Cdjapan
  2. various bands will be featured in the omnibus album, 氣志團万博2018 (Kishidan Expo 2018), which will be released on September 12 (3 CDs, 3241 yen). The actual Kishidan Expo event will be held on September 15 at Sodegaura Beach Park in Chiba. Kishidan Expo twitter OHP [tracklist] [DISC-1 【2018.9.15 SIDE】] 01.ライバルズ / 綾小路 翔と森山直太朗 02.survival dAnce ~no no cry more~ / TRF 03.MONSTER DANCE / KEYTALK 04.Blah Blah Blah / SiM 05.歩いていこう / JUN SKY WALKER(S) 06.Swim / 04 Limited Sazabys 07.FEED THE FIRE / coldrain 08.Fantasista / Dragon Ash 09.プロミスザスター / BiSH 10.古い日記 / 和田アキ子 11.よー、そこの若いの / 竹原ピストル 12.日本の米は世界一 / 打首獄門同好会 13.愛 羅 武 勇 (2013) / 氣志團 [DISC-2 【2018.9.16 SIDE】] 01.冷やし中華はじめました / AMEMIYA 02.やさしくしてね / ゴールデンボンバー (Golden Bomber) 03.It’s more love(Remaster) / ベリーグッドマン 04.君にジュースを買ってあげる♡better / グループ魂 05.Paradise Has No Border / 東京スカパラダイスオーケストラ 06.キリキリマイ / ORANGE RANGE 07.ココ☆ナツ / ももいろクローバー 08.Falling / the GazettE 09.その向こうへ / 10-FEET 10.明日になるのが怖くって / 綾小路 翔と森山直太朗 11.AFTER LIGHT / HYDE 12.ハッピーウェディング前ソング / ヤバイTシャツ屋さん 13.メリーアン / THE ALFEE 14.WHAT’S MY NAME? / MIYAVI 15.落陽 / 氣志團 [DISC-3] 氣志團NON STOP Boogie shuffle Mix (mix of all tracks (oof)) Mixed by NOBORU ABE
  3. ROTTENGRAFFTY's first tribute album is going to be released later this fall in December alongside a new single. Their first BEST OF album will be released next spring. They're currently running a poll for fans to choose which songs appear on the BEST OF release. They've announced the artists who are participating on the release, but have not yet announced which songs they'll be covering. <PARTICIPATING MUSICIANS> ・TAKESHI UEDA(AA=) 😁 ・キュウソネコカミ (KYUSO NEKOKAMI) ・清春 (KIYOHARU) 🥰 ・四星球 (su-xing-cyu) ・coldrain ・10-FEET ・Dragon Ash ・MUCC 😎 ・ヤバイTシャツ屋さん (YABAI T-SHIRTS YASAN) Three versions of the tribute album will be available: online limited-order limited edition, complete production limited edition, and regular edition! The online limited-edition is now available at the “610 Club” (their fanclub), and early orders for paid members have started! If you make a reservation by 23:59 on October 20, you will receive a magnet as a bonus! From October 21st, orders will be accepted at the Victor Online Store. An ultra-luxury version that includes an original T-shirt design (free size), an original design mouse pad, and an original sticker packaged in a 20th original metal box will be available! TRIBUTE ALBUM「ROTTENGRAFFTY Tribute Album 〜MOUSE TRAP〜」 2019.12.18 Release 【ONLINE VERSION (2CD+GOODS)】NZS-802 / ¥9,610+税 Disc1:TRIBUTE ALBUM Disc2:LIVE CD <Original goods included in the online limited-order production limited edition> +20th ORIGINAL METAL BOX +ORIGINAL DESIGN T SHIRT(FREE SIZE... whatever that means) +ORIGINAL DESIGN MOUSE PAD +ORIGINAL STICKER <Exclusive order period for 610 Club paid members only> 10/6 (Sun) 22: 0-10 / 20 (Sun) 23:59 https://610club.rotten-g.com/ <VICTOR ONLINE STORE order period> 10/21 (Monday) 10:00 to 11/4 (Monday) 23:59 https://victor-store.jp/ And their new single 「ハレルヤ」(HALLELUJAH) will be released on the same day as the release of the tribute album. Full production limited edition DVD includes live video of “PORNO CHOUTOKKYUU 2018”! SINGLE「ハレルヤ」(HALLELUJAH) 2019.12.18 Release 【LIMITED EDITION (CD+DVD)】VIZL-1683 / ¥1,800+TAX <Limited production version> + 「ポルノ超特急2018 -5th ANNIVERSARY-」(PORNO CHOUTOKKYUU 2018 -5th ANNIVERSARY-) * Announced at a later date 【REGULAR (CD)】VICL-37509 / ¥1,200+税 1.ハレルヤ (HALLELUJAH) 2. TITLE TO BE DETERMINED 3. TITLE TO BE DETERMINED The best album to be released next spring is planned to be a two disc set. One half of the songs selection is to decided by a request vote by the fans, and the other half is to be selected by the band members. Voting will take place on the request site until 23:59 on December 6th! BEST ALBUM「TITLE TO BE DETERMINED」 SCHEDULED FOR SPRING 2020 <REQUEST VOTING SITE> Fan request voting period:10/6(日)22:06〜12/6(金)23:59 https://www.jvcmusic.co.jp/rottengraffty/vote/ DETAILS: https://rotten-g.com/information/detail/365/
  4. Sup people, i am not sure if i am posting this in the right place, i am not please warn me of where i could post this I made a cover of coldrain's die tomorrow, would be pleased if you gave it a listen, i should have a Mejibray cover coming really soon as well Thank you
  5. Coldrain and the audience that night were AWESOME. There was so much interaction between the band and us. The audience was, to my surprise, extremely active and was so violent in the mosh pit and pushing and squishing to the front. I was standing in the third row at first and felt like a packed salmon in a can, but then I moved around from the right side, then to the left side, and then the middle during all the pushing. Lots of dudes even took off their shirt and went half naked in the show and I noticed one of them had his back went bleeding. Masato must have noticed the crowd loved the "heavy shit"(this was what he described) more so after the song Confession, he asked us if we wanted heavy shit or soft songs, the crowd shouted heavy so they skipped what supposedly used to be another soft song in their setlist to a heavier one which was You Lie. Honestly, I was more in for another soft song like Miss You but, oh well, heavy shit was fun too. Masato asked the crowd to form mosh pits for three times during the show. In the first mosh pit, the crowd didn't follow his instructions to mosh pit after the count of three for two times. Masato went like "What's this shit, Hong Kong?" and teased us that they're gonna stop the show and started to go back to the backstage. The crowd immediately cried "No! Come back!" and then Masato gave us another chance, this time the crowd did what he asked. After that, the crowd got smarter and mosh pit successfully for another two times. Masato tried to speak Cantonese during two MC's. At first, the crowd went "What?" when he tried to say that we were fucking awesome in Cantonese, he tried another time and we finally understood and yelled out happiness. The second time, he said that he loved us in Cantonese and it was easy to understand this time. After they played the song Gone, Masato asked us what song we wanted to hear, any song, and they'll play it as a special request for Hong Kong. Some people yelled "We're Not Alone" and Masato heard it. He said they haven't practiced the song for a long time but they'll try to play it for us. We were so fucking happy and satisfied. Right before they played We're Not Alone, Masato told us that shit happens and when that happened in our lives, he hoped that their music could make us feel stronger and that was what music could do. These words he said corresponded to the lyrics of We're Not Alone - "If there's a place inside this world. Where hopes and dreams are not yet lost. We'll stand and fight against these walls. We'll fight this fight forevermore". Adding impact to the meaning of the song. During the show, some of the band members went to the front and touched some of the fans at the front row. I tried to touch Masato but failed, but at the end, I managed to get a touch of RxYxO's sweaty arm. Some fans fought each other for the stuff the band threw to us, I didn't manage to get any. Masato kept saying we're awesome and promised they would come back next year after releasing their new and upcoming album this year! Setlist: 1 NO ESCAPE 2 TO BE ALIVE 3 SIX FEET UNDER 4 BORN TO BLEED 5 VENA 6 WRONG 7 24-7 8 VOICELESS 9 CONFESSION 10 YOU LIE 11 THE WAR IS ON 12 FIRE IN THE SKY 13 DIE TOMORROW 14 GONE 15 WE'RE NOT ALONE 16 RUNAWAY 17 THE REVELATION ENCORE 18 THE STORY 19 AWARE & AWAKE 20 FINAL DESTINATION
  6. I'm selling the Peace and Smile Carnival 2005 DVD, the GazettE & coldrain stuff. All stuff I offer here are original from Japan & it's not a copy/bootleg! You can visit my livejournal post as well http://gazerock-13.livejournal.com/67588.html Peace & Smile Carnival tour 2005 皆そろって笑顔でファッキュー。 Regular Edition Condition DVD case: very good | the photobook has 2 blemish, please take a look at the photos Condition DVD: very Good | very light scratches, trouble-free playable Number of discs: 1 Various Artists: the GazettE, ALICE NINE., Miyavi, Kra, Kaggra Price: 25€ Photo 1 | Photo 2 | Photo 3 | Photo 4 __________________________________________________________________________________________ CURE Vol. 14 November 2004 without Poster Condition: Like new | 2 folds on the corners Price: 12€ Articles of: the GazettE, Bis, 12012, Kra, ANTI FEMINISM, Rentrer en Soi, HIZAKI and more... Photo 1 | Photo 2 | Photo 3 | Photo 4 ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ⚜ PLEASE NOTE! ⚜ ▼ Payment via PayPal only ▼ All prices are in Euro (€) ▼ Shipping from Germany ▼ Shipping is not included in the price of the item(s) ▼ Prices do not include PayPal transaction fees [Required 4,5% + 0,35€ service fee] ▼ No returns or refunds accepted. ▼ I am not responsible for lost or damaged items You are welcome to ask any questions.
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