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  1. Fleur de Neige

    He announced at his oneman that he will have 6 consecutive CD releases this year and a free live on 4/24 at Urawa Narciss. 4/24 is Misery's (Megaromania, Lin) birthday if I'm not mistaken. http://sp.visunavimobile.com/news/352448/
  2. Fleur de Neige

    SHOP CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER ANNOUNCEMENT. You guys can delete the topic if you wish, since it will be several months until I have access to my vkei stuff again. Thank you.
  3. Fleur de Neige

    Won't be able to ship items from Sept 5th on! So shop closes in two weeks~ Accepting offers on everything!
  4. Fleur de Neige

    I can actually hear offers on anything, just let me know and we can discuss it.
  5. Fleur de Neige

    TOTAL UPDATE ON THIS. Everything available right now (from OP post!) Anything please ask.
  6. Adding this Lycaon pack (photoset + comment/offshoot DVD) - SOLD THANK YOU
  7. No problem, I understand! I don't think I'll be charging much from this anyway, since it was probably distributed for free.
  8. This is it. I think it may have been some kind of preview(?) of the actual DVD, since I don't remember the content being too long. Just some live clips and a making-off.
  9. It's just a plain DVD with the title and such written on it, it came in a sleeve. I got it as a bundle with some chekis and a photoset from either Closet Child or Puresound, I can't remember. I believe it was distributed, by the format. I can take a pic if you want.
  10. In case anyone's interested -- Everything is still available!
  11. Hi! Sure, I'll be holding them for you. Whenever it's possible, please PM me and we can discuss the price
  12. Selling most of my live distributed stuffs / other CDs & DVDs that came in sleeves. For most items I don't know the original price so that's why I'm taking offers on everything. If you're interested in the actual content of anything please let me know and I'll try to summarize for you. I'll take pics upon request. Megaromania live dist. CD - Tribute Single 「神創曲-Variant Jihad-」 - Farewell - Purgatorium (re-mastering) - 裏Artistical Glint Megaromania live dist. / comment DVD - Quintessence Voyage comment DVD (brand X / Type A) - Prophetic faction comment DVD (Puresound) - Quintessence Voyage LIVE DVD - Artistical Glint SPECIAL DVD PVオフショット&スタジオマル秘リハーサル映像収録DVD - ワンマンツアー 「Vision of Engraving」 2012.6.23 浦和ナルシス (type C) - LAST TOUR「a Revolving Lantern...」 2013.5.12 甲府KAZOO HALL - LAST TOUR「a Revolving Lantern...」 2013.5.27 水戸LIGHT HOUSE (ONEMAN) - LAST TOUR「a Revolving Lantern...」 2013.5.9 新横浜NEW SIDE BEACH - LAST TOUR「a Revolving Lantern...」 2013.6.16 浦和NARCISS - LAST TOUR「a Revolving Lantern...」 2013.6.28 山形ミュージック昭和 - LAST TOUR「a Revolving Lantern...」 2013.7.5 池袋RUIDO K3 - THE LEGEND OF CREATION 2013.07.28 OSAKA MUSE (enclosed DVD) 己龍 comment DVDs / Multiangle PVs - 別レ日和ハ仄カニ染マル (wakare biyori wa honoka ni somaru) - Multiangle PV (Hiyori) - 花魁譚 (oirantan) - Multiangle PV (Hiyori) - 雨夜ニ笑ヱバ(ameyoniwaraeba) - Multiangle PV (Hiyori) - 屡流(ruru) - Multiangle PV (Hiyori) - 叫声(kyosei) - Multiangle PV (Hiyori) - アカイミハジケタ comment DVD (Like an Edison) - 悦ト鬱 ZEAL LINK オリジナルコメントDVD (type B ) - 暁歌水月 ZEAL LINK オリジナルコメントDVD (limited ed.) Others - Secilia Luna - Crescent - Vior gloire - CD発売記念主催イベント2012「White night」 2012.11.10(土)名古屋CLUB 3STAR IMAIKE - 己龍 - Tomoshibi (Type A) - includes 2 random cards - Metis Gretel - Another Heaven DVD - Versailles Holy Grail pamphlet Cheki A4, B1 and B2 AVAILABLE ONLY - REST SOLD OR ON HOLD E2 AND E3 ON HOLD \ G1 AND G3 SOLD ► All Jupiter MASASHI→ 3€ each ► Vior gloire serra: E1 for 2,50€ / E2 and E3 for 3,50€ each ► F1 (Megaromania/Alsdead/VII sense/Art Cube)→ 7€ ► F2 Megaromania Hyoga→ 5€ ►Kiryu Hiyori chekis: G2→ 9€ | G4→ 8€ | H1→ 6€ | H4→ 7,50€
  13. Fleur de Neige

    By chance, do you still have any of the items? o.ou I guess I've been too late.
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