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  1. Does anyone else ever feel like just quitting the internet? You know, just... closing all those tabs and then deleting the whole browser and crashing your computer by trying to delete explorer as well and eventually enjoying the thought that now you can't even use your computer because you fucking deleted explorer? 

    1. reminiscing2004


      me x 1000. I've gotten close a few times. I wouldn't say I even have a binge and purge personality, it's more like I'm ALL purge. I've got fed up over and over throughout the years and just been like "no games, kill games, uninstall everything" or to a further extent "no internet, delete all profiles, log out, block pages", thats also how I killed all my social media accs a while ago. Not sure if this is a very helpful response, but I FEEL U.


      I kind of envy 20 somethings back in the day who were able to be 20 somethings without the internet and smartphones and all these 'networking tools' and distractions.

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