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  1. I think the most disturbing thing about the thread is that the girls frequently go "oh I was raped by this and this lol". Makes me think they weren't raped at all. Even if it's been years, who'd say "lol" about their rape experiences. I kinda get the one who said she got money taken from her purse being all lol about it, because these were prolly some high school or college girls with practically no money. But rape? Nah. Not even in Japan.
  2. The Bread Wolf

    Key part is that they actually DO have those instruments. And once you have an instrument, you can record it solo just like you would with a band. Every single instrument is recorded individually, not as a band, to achieve the clear result we hear, so doing it solo is not difficult in any way.
  3. The Bread Wolf

    Not ashamed to mention that I love it.
  4. The Bread Wolf

    Hello there, I am currently in a need of a shopping service for a CD that's to be released in July. It will most likely be on sale in all major VK stores across Japan so you don't have to perform any sort of gymnastics to get a hold of it. I am, of course, paying for the CD, shipping and a reward for your efforts. If interested, please contact me via PM. I'm always here. I never sleep. And for those wondering why I'd rather use a person than a company like FromJapan, it's because the UK sucks and our customs officers are bloodhounds who can smell whether a package is a gift or not. Cheers!
  5. The Bread Wolf

    God, when do I learn to not rely on age bettering someone's singing abilities.
  6. The Bread Wolf

    I had a dream where me and my husband had 4 dogs instead of 2, and one of them was a samoyed called Cloud. I think this was reflecting an earlier conversation we had. I said that if we had a samoyed, I'd like to name him/her Cloud, because samoyeds are essentially fluffy white clouds and because of, well, FFVII Cloud.
  7. The Bread Wolf

    I would have so much to contribute to this thread, except I'm constantly unsure whether the songs I like are actually good or if I just associate them with epic/memorable/heart breaking moments. I do think the songs are really good as standalones, but even better when in the context of the game. I also feel like I should maybe say something about each piece? I know others haven't and I'm prolly just rambling but... Apocalypsis Magnatus is actually an exception to the rule, because I literally have no idea at what point in the game this plays, I can not for the life of me remember, but I listened to it on the soundtrack and it's beautiful. Those who've played Final Fantasy XV will probably recognise the basic tune as being the same as Apocalypsis Noctis and Apocalypsis Aquarius. But this has a totally unique twist to it that I feel like brought the original piece to the next level. I also like the slow, delicate beginning that then builds up to an epic theme. I like songs like that. Become Fire mixes up so many emotions together that I can't even start to comprehend it. It has threatening moments, moments of solace and happiness and moments of battle. Like it's just a mixture of everything episode Ignis was. And it makes me very emotional. Okay, so, this isn't directly from Final Fantasy V, but it's by the band formed by the composer of every Final Fantasy game up to IX so... it counts. Uematsu just really wanted to perform a metal version of all the epic themes he had composed previously. Step aside, Sephiroth. Dancing Mad is gonna kick One-winged Angel's butt. If you've played Dragon Age II and remember anything from it, you'll notice that Mage Pride is literally Fenris Theme, but with lyrics (lyrics made with a made-up language). I'd like to think that there was some thought put behind using the "mage hater's" theme as a basis for a song called Mage Pride. At first I was a bit iffy about Trevor Morris as a composer, because I thought Dragon Age: Inquisition's soundtrack wasn't as memorable as DA: Origins and DAII's soundtracks had been, but he redeemed himself with Trespasser's soundtrack. I can barely listen to Dark Solas Theme without feeling a lump in my throat. I'll conclude this with a single light-hearted theme from Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth. You'll really get into objecting people when this plays.
  8. The Bread Wolf

    I feel you. I get unacceptably annoyed whenever I hear youth language like "stan, fam, lit" etc.
  9. The Bread Wolf

    I'd like to know what too old means. I'm nearing my thirties and going for a long route to university - which means doing NC, then HNC and then uni. No one has told me I'm too old to roll on any of those courses. Thing is tho, you might not get financial support if you've already claimed some previously. But if you can support yourself with work (or sugar daddy), I don't think there are other restrictions. You might even get certain courses credited in your new field as you've done them in another already, so your time in uni shouldn't be that long.
  10. The Bread Wolf

    Yeah this is especially fun when it's a neverending nightmare. Had that happen. Once. Never again, please.
  11. The Bread Wolf

    This has done me a heckin surprise. Spyro 2 was literally the first game I ever played. I think I was 9 or something, maybe 10. I have such fond memories of playing the game and watching my dad complete the game for me because I couldn't do it. I loved it. I played it so many times afterwards. And now it's gonna be part of my life again, in HD remastered graphics. Even the games that I wanted to play and never did, which are 1 and 3. Just hope that they keep the original soundtrack and maybe just remaster the tracks too, because especially Spyro 3 had some kickass tunes (Fireworks factory anyone?)
  12. What's the point of asking an opinion if you're just gonna do whatever you wanted to do anyways? Was this an attempt to get attention? I'm sure there are better ways.
  13. Okay, guys, I did not want to make a separate topic for this because technically it's been going on for... ever since Kameleo broke up, and I did find this when going to L.A.LEMECCA's youtube channel, but: Daisuke (ya know, the guitarist of Kameleo) also has a solo project going on. Not only that, but he seems to be doing Let's Play videos as well. In Japanese tho. So far he's played a couple of RPG maker games, PUBG, Minecraft and SPORE. Anyways, here's the channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3omrwlSln5ULCjzNkn7-8A
  14. The Bread Wolf

    Lol more shit coming up
  15. The Bread Wolf

    Does anyone ever wonder where their youtube recommendations come from? What have I EVER watched to be recommended sumo wrestling with Conan O'Brien?
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