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  1. currently addicted to Genshin Impact.

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    2. Prophet


      oh lol my bad, I thought you are already obsessed playing her ahaha. Xiangling is super cute, she is also my second best girl so far. I guess you are playing in Europe server then?

    3. Bunny-Usagii


      I do actually! My UID is "705997887" if you're interested ^^

      I hope to be able to play again today, though I am very busy with school projects (^^;)

    4. Prophet


      awww i wish i could add you, but im playing on Asia Server. And anyway you need to be at least AR 16 to be able to co-op. Goodluck with the school projects Bunny! I also cant play all day long since I have full time work. So ganbatte for us.

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