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    Hello, I am new here. I have been lurking this forum for a while and decided to finally join, since I recently got back into Visual Kei and Japanese music. Some stuff about me: You can call me Kas, I am 29(soon to be 30 but anyway lol)and I live in America. I first listened to Visual Kei in 2007 when I came across The Gazette on Youtube. I only listened to a couple songs and didn't really become a fan or anything. In May of this year, I decided to check out the Vkei scene again and fell in love once more. Some of my favorite bands right now are: Xaa Xaa(they're probably my top favorite), lynch., Acme, Dezert, Codomo Dragon, Royz, Kizu, Kiryu, Mimic, Leetspeak Monsters, 0.1g no gosan, Arlequin, Jiluka and I have also listened to more songs from The Gazette, Dir en Grey, Deviloof, Nocturnal Bloodlust, Malice Mizer and more. I am always open to reccomendations. I hope I can make some friends here who share the same interests as me! If you read this, thank you and have a good day/night! ♡
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