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  1. listened to cali gari for the first time and liked it a lot (ママが僕を捨ててパパが僕をおかした日). any recommendations or should i just listen to their entire discography in chronological order?

    1. Tokage


      Their albums Dai 5 up to Dai 7 are my favorites of their pre-hiatus era. For their reunion stuff I'd say their 2011 mini-album =/= and their 2019 mini are both very good & their albums 12 and 13 are too

    2. Tokage


      (note that Dai 5 has a different Shuuji on vocals than the current one though!)

    3. Jigsaw9


      If you liked that particular song, I think you might enjoy the "Dai 6 jikkenshitsu" and "Dai 7 jikkenshitsu" albums the most for starters. The other stuff Tokage mentioned are all good for beginners too I think.

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