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  1. StunnyHeartsiTunes

    After listening to it for a while, I still don’t like the album. I love UNREAL, one of the best if not the best song from them sincerely they changed to A9 IMO, but this album release reminds me of LIGHT AND DARKNESS and I didn’t like that album either, I just like ANIMUS. It’s cool if this is the music they want to make, just not for me, and they’re my favorite band lol
  2. StunnyHeartsiTunes

    Parts of FATELESS reminds me of UverWORLD and ROYAL BLOOD from their previous release reminds me of the GazettE. Anyone else feel this way? I don't mind it at all though.
  3. StunnyHeartsiTunes

    In the dark (Black Period) photo: Nao is on the left next Shou, and Hiroto is on the right next to Shou. Saga is on the top left and Tora on the top right.
  4. StunnyHeartsiTunes

    Their OHP has posted information on the single. It's going to have 3 different versions! Regular version will contain an additional new song. So much for not releasing singles in different versions. I don't mind though! I'll be getting TYPE A and Regular version! [初回限定盤A] NINE-0004 ¥2,000+税 豪華ブックレット仕様(CD:MEMENTO、MEMENTO-inst- DVD:MEMENTO MV、PRISMATIC 〝LIVE AT DIFA ARIAKE 2016.12.24〟) [初回限定盤B] NINE-0005 ¥1,800+税 (CD:MEMENTO、MEMENTO-inst- DVD:SHILVER 〝LIVE AT DIFA ARIAKE 2016.12.24〟、Spiegel 〝LIVE AT DIFA ARIAKE 2016.12.24〟、MEMENTO MV OFF SHOT) [通常盤] NINE-0006 ¥1,200+税 (CDのみ:MEMENTO、MEMENTO-inst-、他新録曲1曲+inst) Source: http://a9-project.com/special/memento/
  5. StunnyHeartsiTunes

    Actually, this isn't the new look for Memento either. Saga pointed out in a tweet that this is their look for Black Period, they'll have a different look for the new single. Which is a shame because I really liked the new looks for a single. Hope the MV will be as good as Speigel.
  6. StunnyHeartsiTunes

    I haven't yet, read into it wrong, apparently I will receive it around the 15th! I'd be happy to share it then.
  7. StunnyHeartsiTunes

    https://soundcloud.com/a9_official/animus/s-8flCL In case you want to hear the preview clip for ANIMUS. I haven't listened to it. I am gonna wait until Sunday, since I preordered the album. I'll get the full song then.
  8. StunnyHeartsiTunes

    Besides the tracklist, this is what is included in each edition: 2016. Spring 2nd EP 「LIGHT AND DARKNESS」 DESITAL RELEASE ver. First Period:10/1/2016 23:30(JST) ≪special gifts for pre-order customers≫ You will get the "ANIMUS" song data. ※Included 2nd EP"LIGHT AND DARKNESS" --------------------- 【Special Gifts】※All type in common. DIGITAL PHOTOBOOK THUMBNAIL ■NORMAL EDITION:JPY2,500(+tax) You will get all songs data on Release Day. ■SPECIAL EDITION:JPY5,000(+tax) You will get all songs data one week before release. You will get Hi-Res all songs data one week before release. You will get Full HD data.(6type) ・Normal ver. ・SHOW ver. ・HIROTO ver. ・TORA ver. ・SAGA ver. ・NAO ver. ■DELUXE EDITION:JPY12,000(+tax) You will get 2 songs LIVE VIDEO(perform on 25/12) data. You will get the all songs recording data. Another DIGITAL PHOTOBOOK You will get all songs data one week before release. You will get Hi-Res all songs data one week before release. You will get Full HD data.(6type) ・Normal ver. ・SHOW ver. ・HIROTO ver. ・TORA ver. ・SAGA ver. ・NAO ver.
  9. StunnyHeartsiTunes

    I'm going to miss them for the time being, but 1 year should fly by quick. Like everyone said, they really deserve it! Can't wait to hear from them again...
  10. Interesting Set List, wish I could of been there...
  11. Now to figure out how I am going to get my hands on the physical copy of this mini-album... Oh, and does anyone know if Nine Heads Records is actually the band's own record label now? It sounds like it could be...
  12. Beat me to it, but man, this is quite different. Love the new music video too! xD I can't wait to get my mini album!
  13. I agree a really good balance indeed! I like how they have a large catalogue of songs to remake and to go back to for set lists like this. EXCITED!
  14. New image from DIAWOLF and Instagram photos for Shou's profile. You can see that he has a new tattoo on his left arm. xD
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