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Found 7 results

  1. Okay so I was thinking and came up with this idea. What I want to do is basically make this thread a place where we keep track of all upcoming game releases in a Google Docs spreadsheet in the opening post and the rest of the thread will be for people posting and discussing news relevant to upcoming video games that are coming out in the near future. I first came up with the idea when I was thinking of how the "currently playing" thread is used for a lot of different things pertaining to gaming and that it would be better to have a focused discussion over an all around discussion. So this thread will be exclusively used for discussing upcoming game releases as well as posting new information about said games. You can still use the "currently playing" thread for discussing older games that you might be playing at the moment, but I would appreciate it if we could move all other upcoming release discussion to this topic instead. Not only will this thread be used for discussing upcoming games but also as a place to discover new info on games that will be coming out soon. Originally I was going to do a list/directory in the OP of this topic, but I quickly re-evaluated that plan and came to the conclusion that the easiest and most productive way would be to make the list into a Google Docs spreadsheet. Now not only is the list easier to manage and present but also later down the line if people are interested in helping me maintain the list it will be a trivial matter to just give the correct permissions to edit the spreadsheet. The link to the spreadsheet will be located on this post and I'll also include in my signature, other people are welcome to do the same and you can also from time to time post the link in this thread once it starts to grow. My biggest motivation in starting this is to drum up more exciting and engaging discussion here in this sub-forum and also have a place where people can easily and quickly find new info on the games that they are interested in. Topic Guidelines Primarily when posting news it would be ideal to use YT videos even if it's only people discussing relevant info and no actual gameplay or cinematics. If a video is not an option then you may post the news in text form instead. When posting any news that's not in video format please use the quote feature for the text and include a source link at the end of the post Do not just link to the original article and leave it at that. It makes it easier to overlook cool news when it's just a link. Don't be lazy when posting news (especially videos), write a few sentences describing what the video is about and what game it is relevant to. Hell you can even share your opinion on the topic, after all discussion is what this thread was created for. Last but not least remember to have fun! Upcoming Video Game Release List ✧ Last updated September 5th, 2014 ✧
  2. The popular Playstation Podcast Sacred Symbols with over 50K+ active listeners created by former IGN Playstation senior editor Colin Moriarty and YouTuber Chris Ray Gun were scheduled to have a panel at PAX West next month and yesterday their panel was removed without any explanation. Ian goes into more detail here, but it's basically because some very vocal liberals with clout wanted to deplatform the two, Colin being a fervent target of the leftists in games media for being pretty much the only reputable conservative in games media and a vocal one at that at a time when Kotaku, Vice's Waypoint and Polygon are either seeing severe hits in terms of visitors and reads or in the case of Waypoint, completely shut down and consolidated with the rest of Vice media. https://humanevents.com/2019/07/31/pax-deplatforms-colin-moriarty-and-chris-ray-gun/ Colin has also just released a podcast talking about it all and is seeking reimbursement for lost money, refunds and reimbursement for fans who already made travel arrangements and more in the aftermath of this clear bait and switch. https://www.patreon.com/posts/28809683 Article by Dexerto https://www.dexerto.com/entertainment/colin-moriarty-claims-pax-misled-fans-canceling-playstation-panel-866484
  3. https://thehardtimes.net/harddrive/study-finds-80-nes-characters-believe-earth-flat-moves-right/ This is just so great. 😂
  4. Peace Heavy mk II

  5. Furik

    g4t3k33p3r Album 2015.02.09 01. 3nt3r 02. w0r1d 03. f13Ld 04. w4rp 05. b0ss 06. v1ct0ry 07. L34v3 This is my first album in over 2 years or so. Today I released my new album g4t3k33p3r for free to listen to on YouTube under the moniker digitalmonster. (After some copyright disputes, it'll be up on SoundCloud sometime. It's also available on SoundCloud and Clowdy now too.) It's a 7 track 20 or 30-something minute dive into instrumental dance, chiptune and creepy atmospheric ambience. I tried to sway away from the current EDM sound but it's still somewhat present in some parts of songs (but it's not the main point). I know a lot of the songs are long but please give it a chance. I'm sure you'll enjoy. It's kind of music you could listen to while studying, driving around or relaxing - it's very chill and not heavy at all. Streaming Hub: SoundCloud (320kbps) (160kbps) Clowdy (320kbps) last.fm (320kbps)
  6. Original Saku

    Okay since Destiny is only 5 days away I figured we can go ahead and make a topic for it here. Pretty much talk about whatever here that has to do with the game. Are you getting the game? what platform? what do you think about destiny? etc. I'll be getting the game on launch at the midnight opening at my local gamestop for my PS4. My PSN ID is Zman_the_killer if anyone wants to go ahead and add me. I have a mic and plan to be very active in the game for the foreseeable future. so far bungie has made it clear that their will be no random matchmaking for raids, which has quite a few people worried because what are the odds that you'll be able to find 5 other friends that are available to play with for upwards of two hours. That's where the fans have come in and created a site called That Wizard Came From The Moon that will pretty much make it easy to meet people to play with when you can't find enough friends available to do that raid you want play. I've already made an account there and can already see that it will be a great place to make new friends. If you want to add me on the site, you should be able to find me through my PSN ID or my username (I go by Towa there). last but not least bungie has teamed up with google to do a "planet view" of the world of Destiny. It's pretty much street view where you'll be able to explore the moon, mars, and venus. Not only is there a lot of info that can be discovered in this but also if you complete the experience you'll get a code for a special in game emblem. The website only works on google chrome though. https://www.destinyplanetview.com Now go ahead and post away, I've been looking foward to this game for years, even before this game was announced or we knew anything about it. I'm so excited and can hardly contain myself... 5 days have never seemed so long xD
  7. Peace Heavy mk II

    Thought this was pretty cool, although I'm not super avid about fighting games. I wonder what the roster will be and if it will be predominantly humanoid mons.
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