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    That would be horrible. There is no childcare for people if that happens. Do you know where this rumor started?
  2. Mephistopheles

    I work as an investigator for child protective services and schools in my county have been shut for another week at this point. This affects our low income families who don't have child care and now won't have meals for their children that the school provides during the day. It is utterly heartbreaking. These same families are affected by bulk buying because now there are no basic food items left on our shelves in stores that accept EBT, SNAP, WIC, or any welfare payment methods.
  3. Mephistopheles

    Do you have deadman items still?
  4. Mephistopheles

    I wish they would stay active past September 2020
  5. Mephistopheles

    Hello all! I vanished for a few years but I decided to come back since my favorite group of all time (deadman) is active right now. Hello again!
  6. Mephistopheles

    Be still my heart! I saw when he posted on his Twitter about it a few hours ago and I almost lost my mind. Unfortunately I can not attend, however I am incredibly happy to see that he is more active.
  7. Mephistopheles

    Thank you!
  8. Mephistopheles

    Cooking and trying new cuisine is one of my passions. I find that there is art in the preparation and presentation of food, and wondered if any of you felt the same? I felt it would be interesting to have a place to show Food pictures, recipes, restaurant recommendations, food cravings, and to host discussions about foods from all over the world. I am South Asian and was born in Karachi, Pakistan but I moved to Texas when I was eleven years old and it has shaped my food identity quite heavily. I adore spices and complex flavors but I appreciate warm and comforting foods as well. I cook almost every day, and my short term goal is to bake macrons from scratch and purchase a quality stand mixer. On the menu tonight is pan seared Rib Eye steak with creamed garlic butter potatoes and a cranberry arugala salad drizzled with a cracked black pepper, lemon, and olive oil dressing.
  9. I love your record player! I have always wanted one as well! You should definitely get yourself an instax they are adorable! I have not been able to get any film locally as of yet though as it has been sold out in all of the stores in this city due to holidays. I will have to order some online.
  10. Mephistopheles

    I have been so out of the loop that the only prediction I can make is more of a hope, but; -Mako will make more solo appearances at various concerts.
  11. I thought I had replied to this but realized I had not. I love that shade of purple as well @platy! My fiance ordered it on BestBuy.com and it looks a lot more pink on the website which worried me when she showed it to me but it is perfect in person. One can also never go wrong with good cream and lip balms! My fiance adores Nier, I recently bought her the soundtrack for Nier Automata. Also that Chicken print is beautiful! We adore chickens. My mother-in-law has chickens on her property and they just hatched their first chicks. They are silkies mostly but they have two Rhode Island reds and ended up with two Silkie and Rhode Island Red hybrids that look like tiny dinosaurs.
  12. I arrived home from work the other day and received some wonderful surprises. Mine and my fiance's Pusheen Box for Winter 2017 arrived, and my mother, step-father, step-brother, step-sister, and brother sent a Christmas Gift package as well with a brand new iPhone 8, tea, snacks, and magnets. What a pleasant surprise indeed!
  13. That sounds delightful! What books did you receive?
  14. Mephistopheles

    I recently acquired an Xbox One, and have been playing ARK Evolved.
  15. I am truly enjoying reading about and seeing the gifts people have received and items they have purchased for themselves!
  16. Food and food related items make incredible gifts! I am sorry you received some items you did not like, but I am glad there were things you really enjoyed.
  17. Wonderful! Adorable background as well!
  18. I love a good bag! I like to travel a lot and a sturdy and stylish bag is always icing on the cake. Your haul sounds fantastic! I am glad you received things you can not only enjoy, but things that are functional and long lasting.
  19. My fiance and I normally do not exchange gifts any longer either, but she surprised me regardless because I have been coveting an instax but I am terrible about buying something that will solely be for me. That palette does have incredible packaging! I have the Saint and Sinner perfumes and I have the Sinner Lip Liner and Liquid Lipstick. I was going to purchase the eyeshadow palette but when I did swatches the colors did not appear vivid on my skin-tone (I have dark skin) so I was a bit dissapointed about that, but it looks stunning on your swatches! Thank goodness for a stress-free Christmas!
  20. Happy Holidays to all.

    1. suji


      and happy holidays to you as well 💕

  21. Merry Christmas 2017 to all who celebrate it. I thought it would be interesting to see what gifts people received or what they may have purchased for themselves? Even if it is not related to Christmas, I would love to see what people are proud of buying or things they received as gifts at any point in the year! To start, here is mine and my fiance's Christmas haul from the in-laws, and the Instax Mini 9 that my fiance gave me,
  22. Mephistopheles

    I hope none of your new friends hurts you the way you hurt me.
  23. Mephistopheles

    I wish they would both be back. deadman especially, but I know there is a reason for Mako not returning to the music scene actively though.
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