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    the last thing i bought was black star from david bowie... totally worth it
  2. alpurrt

    I didn't think so... regardless, I think YOHIO is the wrong person for this, despite my love for him...
  3. alpurrt

    Does anyone know where to find some good bass sheet music, preferably more solo stuff than for an ensemble... I always have trouble finding any
  4. alpurrt

    Aw thank you! I'd hope most people won't bite...
  5. alpurrt

    I didn't read every post in this topic, so if someone already mentioned this I'm sorry for just repeating this... anyway I'm pretty sure his ex bandmate, Seike, has something to do with something called VisualUnite, but I'm not sure if they'd be the same thing? I scanned a bit through the visualunite instagram page and didn't see anything about an app... But I'd think if this has anything to do with visualunite and isn't something completely different that YOHIO would have something to do with it since he's someone Seike knows fairly well and seems to be big in the western visual scene. If anyone knows more about VisualUnite, or if anything I said was incorrect please feel free to correct me... Edit: I feel the same way though, even as a fan I just think 'why' I really don't think he should be representing this...
  6. alpurrt

    I've been in a few, and I personally prefer them because I just don't like to actually physically interact with people. I've never had an issue with them, but I just don't have that nice of a personality so relationships in general just don't tend to work for me. I guess some negative part of it would be always having to 100% trust them, which I totally understand can be a hard thing, then again all relationships require trust, but I guess long distance would require a bit more trust. They've got their positives and negatives, as do regular relationships. They're not really for everyone, so it's just best to do whatever makes you happy, and if a LDR isn't that, then you probably shouldn't be in one.
  7. alpurrt

    So I guess you could call this a reintroduction post. A few months back I made my Introduction post, but never did anything on here since then, and honestly making this post (or any post on here for that matter) now makes me a bit anxious and nervous but after lately coming back on here and looking at some topics a handful of times I decided that I'd actually like to be here... Regardless, I was told a while back that I should make an account on here, so I eventually did. I've never really actually used it until now. So, hello, I'm some awkward American that just likes some visual kei stuff. I really like symphonic bands ( Versailles and Matenrou Opera are probably my favorites ) and I'm a fan of some more.... western visual styled bands(?), if you will. I really just like cats, bulldogs, and music, although the cats and bulldogs part isn't quite relevant. Anyway I do hope to actually continue to post and read stuff on here
  8. so i was basically strongly urged to join these forums. so i did. and now i was strongly urged to post. so now i am. this is my "hi i exist" post. i just really like symphonic vk bands okay. I've made this account about a month ago but I'm just now posting. Ah I'm from the US and I really like cats and bulldogs. For the most part I really like Versailles, Jupiter, Matenrou Opera , and a few other VK bands... Honestly I really just like Queen, David Bowie, and Def Leppard, you know, 80s shit, but okay, I'm here.
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