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  1. haido

    My favorite vocalists of all time would be (not in particular order, that would be too hard): Sakurai Atsushi (BUCK-TICK) BT has been going ages! I really love how deep and soft Atsushi's voice really can be. He really has talent! Hizumi (D'espairsRay) Somewhat amazing growls and shouts, and the power during his clear vocals. Really sad that he can't sing anymore, such a huge loss. ASAGI (D) A very unique voice in the VK world. His voice is strong and he is able to sing quite high-pitched vocals as well -- without sounding weird or squeaky. yo-ka (DIAURA) His voice range is quite large - able to go from soft ballads to very brutal growls and shouts. Skilled vocalist with personal sound - and he keeps getting even better all the time. Hiro (Nocturnal Bloodlust) Well yes, he can scream and shout BUT his clear vocals! One of the most clearest voice in VK world I've heard. Really amazing. Mikaru (DIO distraught overlord) Such a deep and low voice and amazing growls. Nothing more to say.
  2. Royz comes to my mind first. They look good & cool but I just can't pick up their music. Well, Royz is just too energetic, happy and pop-ish for my tastes...
  3. haido

    Looking forward to this release! MY RESISTANCE was pretty cool indeed, hopefully this will continue the epicness too ^^
  4. haido

    So hard to compare these two, because their concepts are so different. I used to like them both... But I must admit that DIAURA is better in my opinion. MEJIBRAY had an unique idea to presents their music and "visualistics" for their outfits & live shows, they showed some very unique style and each member had their own way to present themselves --- their outfits didn't match and that was one of the points. Their music was very energetic (as were their live shows too!) and their style varied a lot. It was clear that they had a certain "raw" or "wild" style they preferred and it really worked. After Nepenthes (or during last 2 years) though they seemed to only repeat their themes and tried to search something new to get inspiration --- leading them to lost their concept. Their visual style and music some what lost their basics. DIAURA used to be in search of themselves for first, but after re-releasing "Shitsuyoku no seiiki" they really seemed to know who and what they are. They have their own unique theme "dictatorial aura" that usually is about military-ish themed things. Of course they occasionally try something different (like the soft gentle ballad "Gekkou" etc.) but still they know and continue on their way steadily and still are able to bring new dimensions for VK genre/their own music.
  5. haido

    My favorites are: BABI and Kaie (from BRILLIANT KINGDOM), Akira (from DISACODE) and ルウト (from Signal).
  6. haido

    Pre-ordered upcoming new single Noah/Shangri-La from DIAURA~
  7. haido

    Last time as I really WENT to see some concert was... On February as BRILLIANT KINGDOM named VK-duet (also known from Japanese clothing brand Triple*Fortune) performed in Finland.
  8. haido

    Pre-order movie tickets to premier of next Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell no lies movie~ >_< so excited!
  9. haido

    Aw yeah! D'espairsRay is always appreciated! 「浮遊した理想」 is one of my favorites from them~ MEJIBRAY - メサイア Versailles - Serenade Kuroshitsuji musical soundtrack - Black and White RAZOR - Maisou D - BIRTH DIAURA - SIRIUS DIAURA - 失翼の聖域 BRILLIANT KINGDOM - 水底天使 GACKT - Returner ~yami no shuuen~ DIAURA - DICTATOR
  10. haido

    My current favorite clothing/accessory brands are Japanese. I'm mostly wearing visual-kei-ish style so... Sex Pot Revenge has often such cool designs so I'm always trying to buy something from the brand. I love especially the militaryish/puck-rock collections from them. Maybe my most loved brand right now XD Qutie Frash. Wa-style clothes and curiously mixed kimono/rock/military themes in most of the apparels. The brand is quite expensive, but I'm in love with it <3 Diavlo has nice belts, bags and other accessories! Alice and the Pirates has some nice designs for "ouji" (prince) style too! And for the shoes... Is there anything else than Yosuke USA?
  11. haido

    I don't actually like cooking. But meh, it's a necessary skill. When I'm cooking I usually do some salads, pizza OR Japanese foods (sushi, karee, okonomiyaki, yakisoba...). About baking? Apple pie and muffins are my talent.
  12. haido

    So hilarious topic! Why haven't I realized this before?! Ok, here it goes: DIAURA - World War II soldiers with lipstick. D - Fantasy vampires, cross dressers and men singing high-pitch vocals. MORRIGAN - Pretty boys with long long hair, leather garments and make-up. DADAROMA - You can expect us to wear something unexpected everytime. We like to do funny faces too.
  13. haido

    Nocturnal Bloodlust. At first I accidentally found them at their very-very beginning, but just passed them. Year or two later happened to listen them/see their PV and thought that the band resembled too much western metal bands. And third time my friend made me listen few songs again couple of times - this was year 2014 as they finally hit me :'D
  14. MEJIBRAY. They used to bee cool, different and had a interesting concept... Before year 2015. After that they slowly started to repeat themselves and also their visual style changed a lot. I was waiting for their hiatus/disbandment for a year. Moi dix Mois. I'm not actually sure if I still like them, but I just slowly lost my interest after they seemed to be not that active after year 2008.
  15. haido

    Haha, my long time repeat songs: DAURA - DICTATOR D - Der König der Dunkelheit D - Nocturnal exist trace - Daybreak ~13月の色彩~ BUCK-TICK - Coyote Nocturnal Bloodlust - V.I.P. DADAROMA - 溺れる魚
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