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  1. I can only say one thing: thank you.


    That's it.

  2. IGM_Oficial

    My Twitter. I'm on J-rock one too.
  3. IGM_Oficial

    Bye ✌🏻
  4. Merry last Christmas, everyone!

  5. IGM_Oficial

    Que Discord?
  6. IGM_Oficial

    There are many I could choose, but "Wakaremichi" fits perfectly. I chose a live version, for better ambience.
  7. IGM_Oficial

    Well, there is Jpopsuki, blogs, pages, this Discord server maintained by a member
  8. IGM_Oficial

    Gente, eu vou sentir saudade...
  9. IGM_Oficial

    It's just a joke. I mean, "anonymous"...
  10. IGM_Oficial

    It's a mini-album. Tracklist: 1 - We are Anonymous. 2 - We are legion. 3 - We do not forgive. 4 - We do not forget. 5 - Expect us.
  11. IGM_Oficial

    It's back with a new domain
  12. IGM_Oficial

    The look: Shin: Sakito:
  13. IGM_Oficial

    Yes, they came back a year ago. Since then, they released two DVDs/Blu-rays, five best albums and a single.
  14. IGM_Oficial

    On the yesterday show, they played the title track twice, as well as another new song called 嘆き の タンバリン (Nageki no tambourine). The new look: Individual photos: Saku: Akane: Satsuki: Zero: Ritsu:
  15. IGM_Oficial

    I don't follow them, but that sucks. I wish him luck.
  16. IGM_Oficial

    Oh, no, this is bad. Anyway, its sister site, Jpfiles, is still active. It has pretty much the same stuff. I hope that it doesn't have the same fate.
  17. They were on YouTube for a limited period.
  18. IGM_Oficial

    Ready for the kakumay
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