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ヴィデオグラマァ (VIDEOGLAMOUR) back catalogue + new recording to be available digitally

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Although ヴィデオグラマァ (VIDEOGLAMOUR) has remained inactive/disbanded for a number of years now, they made a pretty rad move and decided to make their old stuff available digitally from 2020/07/04. I'm no expert, but seems to me this might be most of their discography (they didn't release too much to begin with iirc).


Another cool point, vocalist Yuuya (ex-THE HAKKIN) also posted on his Twitter a brand-new recording under the ヴィデオグラマァ name titled "蛇の目の目【小人が逝くVer.】", mentioning that it is a song that they only played live around 2008, but never properly recorded before.


Here's the lyric video:




And here are all the digital purchase/stream links where the tunes will be available from Saturday:








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