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An interview with RotM (Kuroi Senkou) (ex-Sarcastic)

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Meet RotM, you may know him from the short living band “Sarcastic“, who sadly never released anything, however because of “Sarcastic“” we noticed RotM and so we started to follow him.

A few years passed, some information has sadly swapped from the internet and at the begin of this year, I noticed that RotM started a new solo project named “黒い閃光 (Kuroi Senkou)”. Which everyone should check out. 

Due corona “黒い閃光 (Kuroi Senkou)” couldn’t make it’s stage debut earlier, however on December 16th RotM will perform as “黒い閃光 (Kuroi Senkou)” at 下北沢WAVER. If you are unable to watch the live show at the venue, you will be able to watch the live via a twitcast live stream for only 1,500yen.


Next year, a full and longer interview will be published on JROCK’N’ROLL!! 
Be sure to check it out too!!






RotM, thank you very much for this interview.

Some people don’t know the world of “黒い閃光 (Kuroi Senkou)”, so please tell us some words about the solo project.

With 黒い閃光 (Kuroi Senkou) I would like to try out new things, such as some musicality things which I have developed though my past band activities.  Also I would love to spread my music worldwide. 

Why do you think we should listen to “黒い閃光 (Kuroi Senkou)”? What’s unique about it that sets it apart from other artists?

Visual Kei in Japan is mostly based on hard rock and metal, but 黒い閃光 (Kuroi Senkou) is based on EDM and psychedelic music. The visual kei death voices and shouts that I’ve developed over the years of my career are added on top of that, which I think is interesting. 

What kind of EDM music can we expect, dance music as we know from the famous DJ (club) songs, or more to the cybergoth style?

I guess it’s close to cybergoth, but honestly, it’s not really clear which genre it belongs to. To my next releases I would like to add some psychedelic elements.

Please tell me why you became a singer.

When I was a child I admired Hyde from L’Arc~en~Ciel. 

Until now it was always unclear that ALMA was formed by you and takuma (ex.ジルドレ(jilldre)). However, what made you decide to continue solo under a new name? And not just continue alone as ALMA?

ALMA’s musicality is finished.
So I started a solo project to try to do something I wouldn’t do with ALMA.

Why did you decide the name “黒い閃光 (Kuroi Senkou)” and RotM”? Please tell us the origin and meaning.

黒い閃光 (Kuroi Senkou)”  can be seen as an element of Visual Kei, such as Gothic, etc. So I’ve put the two words “黒い (black)” and “閃光 (flash)” together in order to make an impact on the world.

RotM is an acronym for a SM-themed project I did a few years ago.




On December 16th an live event will be held, which is sponsored by you. Why should people come to your show? 


I want you to feel the emotion, shock and madness that a CD alone cannot convey.

The show will also be streamed (via twitcast). Why did you decide to also air the live via twitcast? 

I have chosen a form that would allow fans who could not come to the venue due to the effects of the corona, as well as those from abroad, to watch the event.

The other bands 夜櫻蟲學 (YOZAKURA CHUGAKU), HITOMI, 水鏡響 (Mikagami Kyou)& Tha pino noir。. Why did you decide to invite them to your event?

夜櫻蟲學 (YOZAKURA CHUGAKU) and Tha pino noir are my important seniors, so I decided to invite them.  HITOMI, 水鏡響 (Mikagami Kyou) are our juniors, so I wanted to add some young people power to the event too. 

I see, anyway, what was your first encounter with them? 

Tha pino noir, has been in my life for a very long long time already.

夜櫻蟲學 (YOZAKURA CHUGAKU) We’ve known each other since we performed together at a live event in Tokyo a few years ago.

HITOM I & 水鏡響 (Mikagami Kyou) We met each other on Twitter and their projects made me curious, so I asked him to join us.

Your album GARDEN has been released for free. Can you give us a comment?

GARDEN represents one person’s life.
It overlaps with my own, and maybe with someone else’s. I hope you can relate to it, even if it’s just one song or one phrase.
I’d be happy if you can sympathize with me, even if it’s just one song or one phrase.
And I hope you can look forward to the beginning of a project called 黒い閃光 (Kuroi Senkou)

Please tell us about the “GARDEN” jacket. What is the idea behind the jacket?

The title of the album, GARDEN, means a garden.
The jacket is a symbol of the happiness that the album’s protagonist sought at the end.





In one word, what is the concept behind each lyric of “GARDEN“?


What’s the power of live shows?

I guess it’s the visual message of makeup, costumes, etc., and the shouting you experience with your full body.

Please give a message to your fans and readers.

A new world of a musician named RotM is opening up. Enjoy the new music that does not fit into the current Visual Kei scene.


RotM Thank you very much!

PART2 of this interview will be published next year on January 14th!  
Please look forward!



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