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[SELLING] taking offers on CD's, DVD's, mostly 2000s stuff

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Hey, all! It's moving season again and I'm trying to downsize my collection. :tired:Shipping from US.


If you see anything you'd like, feel free to make an offer [this is slightly time sensitive]. Happy to provide pictures on an individual item if you want or answer any other questions  -- my dms are open:ghost:

12012 - ベルサレム Berusaremu [2nd Press]
12012 - Shudder
12012 - 深 ~deep~ Shin Deep [2nd Press]


Alice Nine - Mirror Ball [Regular]
Alice Nine - 華 Hana [Limited Edition A w/ DVD]
Alice Nine - TSUBASA. [w/ PV DVD]
Alice Nine - Complete Collection 2006-2009
Alice Nine - Vandalize [Nice Limited Edition]


ALSDEAD - Paradox


And アンド - Gang 5 [w/ DVD Limited Edition]
And アンド - 兇Kyo [w/ DVD Limited Edition]


Babylon - 繭空の下は孤独と空白
Babylon - 不死蝶~CLAN GENEⅡ~


Baelscope - Borderless Impact


Balloons - 9:40PM


D - 桜花咲きそめにけり


Dali - Inkblot


DELUHI - Orion Once Again [2nd Press]
DELUHI - Revolver Blast [CD+DVD]


Dir En Grey - 脈 Myaku [w/ Photo Cards]


Dolly - -tricolor opera- 鬱雪ドロップ Ussetsu Drop [CD + DVD]


Due Le Quartz - Re:plica


Exist Trace - Vanguard
Exist Trace - Ambivalent Symphonie


the GazettE - 犯行声明文 Hankou Seimeibun [2nd press]
the GazettE - SHIVER -Auditory Impression-
the GazettE - Live DVD Tour 09 - Dim Scene - Final At Saitama Super Arena [Limited Edition]
the GazettE - Film Bug II [CD+DVD]


ギルティア Giltia - Clown [CD+DVD]


Girugamesh - BORDER [Type B w/ 80min US/EU Tour Documentary DVD]


Juliette ジュリエット - STARlighT☆WORLD
Juliette ジュリエット - シャドーリィ・ベートーヴェンのユメ調べ


LIN 凛 -The End Of Corruption World- - As if Forever Exists [TYPE C]


Matenrou Opera - Anomie [Limited Edition CD+DVD w/ first press bonus DVD]


Maximum The Hormone - ロッキンポ殺し Rokkinpo Goroshi


Miyavi - Fan's Best
Miyavi - Miyavizm


Nightmare - Anima [CD + DVD]
Nightmare - Majestical Parade [CD+DVD / limited edition Large Photobook Package]
Nightmare - Lost in Blue [CD+DVD Lost In Blue PV]
Nightmare - Killer in Show [CD+DVD]
NIghtmare - 10th anniversary special act vol.1 GIANIZM [3x DVD + 2x CD + Tour Badge/Lanyard]
Nightmare - Rem [CD+DVD]


Onymouza 陰陽座 - Chimimouryou
Onmyouza 陰陽座 - Maou Taiten
Onmyouza 陰陽座 - Inyou Shugyoku [2x CD]
Onmyouza 陰陽座 - Kokui no Tennyo (黒衣の天女)
Onmyouza 陰陽座 - Fuuin Kairan
Onmyouza 陰陽座 - Soukoku/Doukoku


spiv states - novelty hunter [CD + DVD]


Versailles - Jubilee [Limited Edition w/ DVD]
Versailles - Prince & Princess [Regular Edition]
Versailles - Prince & Princess [Jasmine You Type]
Versailles - Prince & Princess [Yuki Type]
Versailles - ASCENDEAD MASTER [Regular Edition]
Versailles - ASCENDEAD MASTER [Type A w/ DVD]
Versailles - ASCENDEAD MASTER [Type B w/ DVD]
Versailles - ASCENDEAD MASTER [Type C w/ DVD]
Versailles - Chateau de Versailles [2x DVD]
Versailles - History of the Other Side [2x DVD]


Vidoll - Puzzle Ring [CD+DVD]


Viored - [Created Perfect New Vision] -Taste Of Heartless-

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