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Should digital releases be uploaded?

Should digital releases be uploaded?  

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  1. 1. Should digital releases be uploaded?

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Just now, Disposable said:

the forum is living off of its premium member section bro. otherwise it could've been dead already. 


I understand where you are coming from because your frame of reference is inherently mainstream pop and rock oriented. There is more music than we could even listen to in our lifetimes that is made non-profit, strictly for the communities they're coming from. There are bands that are even legendary only touring occasionally even if they're not political. I'm opposed to capitalism, I'm opposed to sales. This is just my opinion, but I don't support the economical model of visual kei even though I love its music and history. 





I am not into capitalism too... But i can't be an anarchist saying that capitalism is bad in all social media. But i am conscious about the job from other people.


This means: Empathy first at all. 

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