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breakin' holiday Dr. KAJI will depart & Dr.Sujk has joined

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31 minutes ago, ゼロ(*´з`) said:

por qué Dios, espero que encuentren otro baterista o baterista de apoyo. No quiero que BH se disuelva también en el futuro. 

I don't think they will, they will find a substitute, I believe in it

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I was watching some DELUHI and breakin' holiday videos, when I stumbled across this newly pinned comment on the "LILITH" MV from a day ago:



Thank you for subscribing to the channel.

We are breakin 'holiday.


Japan is currently in the process of being declared an emergency.

I think it's a tough time, just like everyone else in the world.


We usually do many live activities in Japan.

We always had 2 to 4 gigs a month.


But now we and artists all over the world can't do gig activities.

Meanwhile, we are making music, what we can do now.


We changed members at the end of March.

The long-time drummer KAJI has left our band.

That was an extremely sad incident.

He was a strong drummer. He decided to take the path of his music.

We strongly hope that one day we will be able to play music with him again.


And since April, we have a new fellow support drummer.

He is also a technical and wonderful drummer.

His appearance will be announced in the near future.


Thank you for loving our songs and music.

We always deliver great music.

”Forward without fear of change.”

It's our new encouraging word!


We will bring our new music to you soon.

Please wait a little longer. Soon, I will upload a demo song to YOUTUBE.


We inform our daily lives through the story of INSTAGRAM,  

official / https://www.instagram.com/breakin_holiday/


and TWITTER.  

official / https://twitter.com/breakin_holiday  

Juri (Vocal and Compose music) / https://twitter.com/Juri_Vocal  

Hiroaki Sakai (Guitar and Main composer and write lyric) /


Aggy (Bass and Write Lyric) / https://twitter.com/Aggy_neutral


Please follow us and see our daily life if you like.

The demo songs are also shortly posted.


And we have official online shop.


We sell our CDs, photos and merchandise in our online shop.

We can also ship abroad using tenso.com.( https://www.tenso.com/en


Thank you for your continued support for breakin ’holiday.

It's a difficult time, but let's do our best together.




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ex drummer FAR EAST DIZAIN, and EX DELUHI drummer, SUJK. joined breakin holiday......


In addition, the one-man live performed at Shibuya REX on July 24, 2020 titled 『Forward Without Fear Of Change』


its seems DELUHI comeback, without LEDA........ lol






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6 hours ago, nostalgia said:

And 12012 is reforming too, so the guitarist will likely be leaving for 12012 and replaced?

if Leda joined breakin' holiday at this point, it'd be very hilarious.

I was thinking the same thing. What does the 12012 reboot mean for breakin?

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