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[Selling | Updated 4/1/2020! | 90+ CDs] UNiTE, Sid, DIAURA, Golden Bomber & more! [Autographed DIAURA/UNiTE/Baddies]

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4/1/2020: Hey guys, after doing some research and taking pictures as well as organizing ALL my CDs. I finally put together a spreadsheet and a Google Drive with pictures to everything I'm selling! Pictures of Raphael merch remain in the image alone. Important things to note is that the magazines are no longer for sale and that I have lowered the prices on everything. I'm hoping to downsize on all of this stuff and find it a good home. Autographed CDs are first two images in the Google Drive.


I'm open to negotiation about prices, shipping, and discounts if buying certain/multiple items. 


Oh, I also have some anime merch here I'm trying to get rid of too if anyone's interested. Gintama, anyone?


Visual Kei CD Spreadsheet


Google Drive w/pictures of stock


Autographed CDs are first two images in the Google Drive.




-Golden Bomber



-Hana shounen Baddies



-The Kiddie


-Plastic Tree


-Alice Nine (A9)


-DyIng messagE



-Sid (and one AKi CD)

-Raphael (VHS/Photobooks)



Payment & Information


I'll take payment via PayPal only. Buyer will always pay shipping unless buying a large amount of items or an autographed CD.  Also something to note is that I live in Indiana (midwest USA). Keep this in mind seeing as this will affect how much shipping will cost. Comment below or message me if you're interested in purchasing anything!


EDIT as of 4/1/2020: If buying an autographed CD. Shipping is free.





Raphael Merch







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Lowered prices, cleaned up post, added a spreadsheet, and GDrive link with updated stock (and fixed a glitchy link)

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