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Original Saku

New Trade-off format / Sub-forum


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  1. 1. What do you think of evolving the trade-off into something more?

    • Naw man keep the same old shit, that's how I like it.
    • Yes let's make the trade-off better while still keeping everything we like about it.
    • This sounds pretty cool. Okay Saku... you are gonna do all the work on this right?
    • Who cares about mixtapes? waste of time. get a life you weeb.

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I think this idea was floated at some point back when I was staff... but just stay with me for a second.


I propose a change up to how trade offs are delivered and executed. Instead of the private one on one affair that they have been up to this point, we take the same setup and premise of the event and make it more of thing everybody on the forum can enjoy even people who do not want to actually participate in the event itself. Basically I think we should make a subforum in the DL section just for mix tapes and require participants in the tradeoff to post their mixes for the public to check out as well as their trade off partners. We would basically have a thread for each tradeoff and that thread would be solely to index the mixes for each event and where people can offer their thoughts on particular mix they checked out.


I'm thinking something along these lines;


  • Run the sign up thread just like normal in the general sub forum where it's always been
  • When all participants have been matched with a respective partner open a hidden thread in the new subforum (new rule; when the participant sends their mix off to their partner also have them send a copy to the trade-off organizer) This way the organizer can start compiling  a master post in the thread with each mix.
  • once all mixes have been sent and received and compiled in hidden thread, unlock the thread and release into the world
  • Partners will still review their respective mixes in the same sign up thread in general subforum as always while everyone else can do their own reviews/feed back in the DL thread (or we can have it all in one place, but this might need some brainstorming considering some people are really quick and might be done before the last person receives their mix...)


This format will ideally accomplish several things;


  • Increase buzz and awareness for the trade-off events themselves
  • Give the forum a dedicated place to post mixtapes with DL links freely
  • Encourage and foster the creation and sharing of mixtapes and new music with people
  • lead to new and exciting evolution of the trade-off event we have come to love so much.
  • lead to other music sharing/reviewing events on the forum (possibly user organized events instead of staff)


I don't think the way we are running the trade-off currently makes much sense anymore, sure at one point it did, but we've been doing these for how long now? We need to innovate it a little IMO and make it interesting for the usual suspects as well new prospects. This will do nothing but good and promote the sharing of good music and the art of mixtape creation.


@CAT5 @Zeus @Shir0 @Seimeisen @platy @paradoxal @YuyoDrift @Ito Hit me up, I'm down to flesh this out some more and really make something awesome and worthwhile out of this.


Peace I'm out.

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In a way this is a great idea @Original Saku. I voted for you testing these waters however muahahaha.


In the past I've wanted to listen to some of the mixtapes created by others, under themes I'd be interested in (even though I was not participating in the Trade-Off itself). Rather than go out and request a copy for myself to listen to (I am too embarrassed, busy at the time, or I receive no reply), I can simply go into this section of the Trade-Off and download the mixtape since it's free to listen to and Ok'ed to be shared by the creator.


The only simpler way to share the tapes would be to just add a spoiler tag under the list of partners, and then populate it with all the links (titled most likely) once the organizer receives them. It does create extra work for the organizer however, and so I'm not too sure if its gonna be more of a hassle than it already is. Having said that though, I think the extra effort is worth it if it means allowing potentially new Trade-Off participants to sign up on the next one since they can sample a mixtape.


Not sure how we can organize the user's feedback outside the Trade-Off Thread however.

I guess a separate thread would be OK, and then link it somewhere in the Trade-Off's OP.


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