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Far East Dizain will disband

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by the way, jrocknews translated everyone's comments here.

spoilered in case you don't wanna go to the website:




Thank you for always supporting us.
Far East Dizain will disband after the June 22, 2019 show. I am truly sorry for the sudden announcement.

Thanks to this band, I’ve had many different experiences. When we started this band, there were many things that I had never done before in my life; in this situation where I had absolutely no idea about what I was doing, I desperately did my best to fill the gap between me and the other skilful members, and keep going on.

A lot of painful and difficult things happened.

However, thanks to the support of all our fans, I was eventually able to overcome these things one by one, and I was able to smile. You made me find the meaning in my life. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

I thank Leda, Sujk and Яyu to have walked by my side during these four years.

I want us to keep walking on our own paths so I can never regret that this was the wrong choice.

We will do our best to provide you with our ultimate performance for the remaining shows and express our gratitude to you all.




I am truly sorry for such a sudden announcement.

Far East Dizain just entered their fourth year of activities, however, including preparation, it’s already been more than five years ago since we started. I contacted them with the burning will of creating a band again. I really wanted to start from the very beginning, and at first, I was doing the audio mixing and mastering by myself, going to the printing factory, creating flyers and images. I feel nostalgic.

When we started activities, we really did our best during the many shows we held, and we were able to join forces and become one. The fans support gave us strength; it took time but little by little, I think we eventually found FED’s identity.

On the other hand, I felt we couldn’t perform as good as we wanted to, due to a lack of skill. This is also something people who attended our shows pointed out. In such hard times, activities didn’t go well, and slowly the situation got worse when members wanted to follow a different direction.

Creating music, live shows, and enjoying things together is not enough.

As a musician, as an artist who is living off of his musical activities, it’s not enough.

I love members of FED, they’re really good people.

However, until now I couldn’t be satisfied with FED.

All I wrote above is just my point of view, but probably my solo project interfered with Far East Dizain’s schedule, bothering the other members. As a leader, I think my lack of ability had important consequences for our activities.

They gave their lives to the band for more than five years and we thought a lot but based on my feelings as well as members’ opinions, we came to this conclusion.

When we started activities, I used to say “I want to create FED with all of you, fans”, and even now after four years, I still feel a strong unity between FED and the fans during lives, and this is all thanks to you who always enjoyed our shows and supported us. Through lives and your help, I kept receiving power.

There was a time when I was so serious about my performance that I couldn’t even enjoy the show itself, but thanks to Far East Dizain fans who came to our shows in order to simply enjoy it, I learned to enjoy myself too. This is a very important thing to me.

From my heart, thank you to everyone who supported us. Really, thank you. I’m sorry we couldn’t continue. I learnt many important things thanks to the fans who stood with us.

I also thank all the people who helped us.

And to Keita, Яyu and Sujk, thank you sincerely for having walked by my side.

For the last shows remaining in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka, all together and to live without regrets, we will play Far East Dizain with all our strength.





After a long discussion with all members, we made the decision to cease Far East Dizain’s activities after the Shibuya TSUTAYA O-West performance which will be held on June 22, 2019.

To all the fans who supported us until now, I express my heartfelt apologies for such a sudden announcement. I am really sorry.

It’s been around four years since Far East Dizain formed, and if I personally had no confidence when we started, today I can perform during shows with a smile. Thanks to the band, we went to several places, met many people and gathered countless enjoyable memories and stimulating experiences, this is a very important thing to me in my life.

As soon as we became Far East Dizain, no matter the walls we encountered or times we were about to fall down, without giving up we stood together and kept on going.

Of course, during those times, there were many painful things, distressing days and internal conflicts in my mind. My lack of ability even sometimes made me want to give up music.

To be honest, this is very frustrating.

This is with great sadness that I am really sorry for fans who expected a lot from us and waited for us. It feels like we betrayed you.

Still, if we were able to keep walking until that point, this is thanks to the members of FED and of course, staff and all the people involved, and to the fans who always supported us as well.

All those experiences I gained through FED for four years is a real treasure for me and there aren’t enough words to express my gratitude. Thank you so much.

I hope you can see this conclusion as a new beginning as this would be my greatest happiness.

There are many other things I wish I could tell you, but I’m overflowed by emotions and I can’t gather words properly, I am really sorry. As a musician, I will do my best to express them during the last remaining shows, through music.

Until the very last day, until there is nothing more left, I want to enjoy all of it. Being able to meet smiling fans would be the highest pleasure for me.

Your smiles are my reason to live.

Finally, all four of us together playing music is my biggest pride.





I am truly sorry for such a sudden announcement.

Far East Dizain just entered their fourth year of activities.

All we have done until now, we owe it to the fans who have supported us, staff, and to the people involved. Really, we thank you from our hearts.

We performed at many shows and many people came to see us, receiving so much support in return. It fills my heart with gratitude, and it is thanks to Far East Dizain, the band we all created together. Thank you so much.

It’s been around four years since we started activities from zero with other members. A lot of things happened. Even if we had the same objective, I felt there was a gap between us, something I couldn’t put into words but I could feel.

Nevertheless, we were able to enjoy our activities, I really love the members of Far East Dizain, I respect them all, and all I can think is “Thank you for being a part of my life”.

In the life of a musician and artist, there are separated and individual projects, and a particular lifestyle. Of course I respect individual activities and support them. In such situations, I felt I sometimes couldn’t contribute to band activities, and even caused trouble to other members.

I could have done much more. I also feel a lack of ability from myself.

I feel that the bad connection between us is a part of my responsibility.

I will put all of my thoughts to the members and the fans into my performance during the remaining shows.

The last lives will be held in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka, we will perform with all our heart and soul so we can live without regrets. Please, keep supporting Far East Dizain until the end.


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On 5/2/2019 at 1:13 AM, reminiscing2004 said:

You guys really gonna exclusively stan "Inhale"? I'm also in the camp who never enjoyed FED as much as I hoped I could, but the track is 50% boring djent fuckery. I admit it has an amazing solo, but that's the case for almost every Leda track. I'd pick something like "Beyond These Walls" over "Inhale" any day-- and "Beyond These Walls" still has semi-cringe verse vocals..


@TheStoic brings up an excellent point about the recording sound/mixes, but unfortunately, I think that is a problem with Visual Kei across the board in 2019. The sound a lot of us may be yearning for when we think of DELUHI is partially intertwined with 2000's production techniques, that have been left in the 2000's. Oh, real-sounding drums, where art thou?


Leda was suuuuuch a monster musician a decade ago, between Crimson Head, Galneryus, and DELUHI-- let alone how much he's progressed since. I'm just hoping in the next chapter he gives all that talent the setting it deserves. Better vocalist, better sounding recordings, and less trying to be like Animals as Leaders when you have the melodic charisma that Animals as Leaders doesn't.





i'm late to the party..


so no one liked False?? That was actually a decent song. I dont think they made anything  else in that vein of symphonic (keyboard) accompaniment. 


Disgracer had a neat arrangement too - those bass slaps in the beginning were masked by sequencers  

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8 minutes ago, ゼロ(*´з`) said:

the final live should be today. god, i'm so sad i wasn't able to get any of their merch. T_T
i hope people tweet about the final live.

Don't they have an online store?

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30 minutes ago, ゼロ(*´з`) said:

La vida final debería ser hoy. Dios, estoy tan triste que no pude conseguir ninguno de sus artículos. T_T
espero que la gente twitee sobre la final en vivo.

In the cdjapan store, buy all your CDs recently

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